Bugaboo Chameleon Stroller

Product Name: Bugaboo Chameleon Stroller (shown in Orange. Lots more fun colors available, including bright blue, pink, gray, and red)

Submitted by: Shea Harris, San Angelo from TX

Where to buy: Amazon.com 

Description: Bugaboo products are known for their functionality and simplicity of use, and the line's Chameleon stroller is no exception. 

The package even includes a user kit with a DVD for parents who may trouble working some of the nuances of the Bugaboo Chameleon. 

The Chameleon has several features that any parent can appreciate, including a reversible handlebar so mom or dad can see baby at any time. The seat is also reversible. 

The stroller set also includes a seat and bassinet, both of which can be used separately from the Bugaboo stroller. The seat features a 3 position recline. 

The Bugaboo Chameleon Complete Stroller distinguishes itself through its integrated functionality, streamlined design and unique personality. It is perfect for the trend setting baby (and parents.) 

Review: Baby products have advanced a lot over the last few years. 
When investigating today's baby products, such as strollers, there is little comparison with most past products.  While searching for a new stroller I came across the Bugaboo Chameleon.  The bugaboo brand  seemed to have a large variety of options, choices, and flexibility - but in the end I decided on the Cameleon. 

This stoller has adjustable handlebars!  That is great if you are a little on the tall side like I am.  It can be pretty uncomfortable and hard on your back to lean down constantly while pushing a stoller. This is the first stroller I have come across with adjustable handlebars,  and it is the first thing I noticed about the Cameleon. 

The Cameleon is very flexible.  With just a few adjustments it can go from a bassinet pram to stroller to car seat and back, which was really impressive to me. At around 20 pounds, the stroller is farily light, too, so you shouldn't get too tired if you have to push it around for awhile. 

It is also nice that you can buy accessories to provide further function.  For example there is a toddler attachment that is basically a trailer that attaches to the back of the stroller for your toddler to stand. 

I give the Bugaboo Cameleon stroller my full recommendation.  It is of very high quality construction and surprisingly isn't that hard to assemble.  It is a very flexible stroller that can do many things for you and your child, and despite a few flaws this is a great stroller that you can't go wrong with.

Criticism:  This is not an easy stroller to just fold away and store.  It takes a little practice if you want to completely store it away.  I usually just throw it into the back of my car half folded so that I don't have to take the time and effort to fully fold it.  To fully fold the stroller you must remove and collapse the seat or bassinet and then fold the frame in what takes three more steps.  And so on, you get the picture.

The Chameleon also has no cup holders.  It's not a huge deal, of course, but it would be nice considering other strollers have them.  I know I have seen other strollers by Bugaboo that had cup holder so it is disappointing. 

Because there are so many options and adjustments you can make to the stroller it can be a little tricky to figure out how to adjust it for the different uses.  So it will take you a little time and be sure to have your manual handy!

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