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Home Business Magazine

"Edited to cover various facets of the growing and dynamic 425 billion dollar home-based business market. It contains editorial by well known authorities on business operations, sales & marketing, the home office, franchising, business opportunities, network marketing, mail order and other subjects to help readers select and competently manage a home-based business. It also contains a home-based business directory, and information on high-tech, the Internet, computers and the future of home-based business. Home Office editorial includes product descriptions and management advice as well as business opportunities, franchising and work-from-home success stories..."
$1,000,000Aire Blueprints

provides the specifics that today's entrepreneurs want and need.

Worthwhile magazine

offers a roadmap for business success that is personally fulfilling and socially responsible. "Worthwhile puts purpose and passion on the same plane as profit, offering a roadmap for business success that is personally fulfilling and socially responsible. It is impossible to have a meaningful life without meaningful work, according to creators Anita Sharpe and Kevin Salwen, veterans of The Wall Street Journal, with four decades of financial journalism experience and a Pulitzer Prize between them..." 

Entreprenuer Magazine

Designed to help you start and manage your own company.
National Home Business Magazine

The home-based entrepreneur's magazine.
Home Business Journal

Covering such topics as getting free publicity through news releases, secrets to a successful email marketing campagin, must-have mlm business services...
Revenue Magazine

Special magazine for Affiliate Marketing Professionals.
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