Momscape Humor Columnists

Escape to the lighter side with the help of our humor columnists...

Dear Diary: Confessions Of A Back-to-School Fool Already planning your days of freedom? Read this. 

Mother's Day vs. Pickle Week A tribute to mommies from humor columnist Linda Sharp. 

Remembering Your Oldest Child
Columnist Linda Sharp on the importance of balancing time with all of your babies. 

Fear and Loathing on Valentine's Day "Men deserve sympathy, compassion, mercy and understanding, for when it comes to the fine art of romance, we men are sitting in our boxer shorts finger painting with our toes." A male perspective from T.W. Winslow
Wal-Mart: The Great American Hypnotist Humor columnist Linda Sharp pays $100 for toilet paper, and we bet some of you do, too!

All I Want for Christmas...Parents, You May Be Surprised Columnist Linda Sharp asks kids what one thing they would like this season that doesn't cost a dime. The result? A must-read for every mom. 

The Mind/Body Connection? I Don't MIND My BODY A must-read for everyone whose body just ain't what it used to be. 

Our New Addition "The decision to add a pet to the household should never be taken lightly. Much like adding a baby to the mix, your life is suddenly being run by something much smaller than yourself...." New from Linda Sharp. 

Back-to-School Shopping: Stop and Smell the Sale Racks Humor columnist Linda Sharp makes that dreaded trip to the mall...

Where Does All the Money G(r)O? 
Linda Sharp tells us just how many steepings we can get out of a Lipton tea bag and how a mother's penny-pinching amounts to a much greater treasure...more time with the kids. 

Cereal Mom One WAHM comes to terms with her priorities...while trying to keep those soggy Cheerios off of her business projects.

Mommy Always Comes Last, Until Pain is Involved, That is...
"What is it about parents, especially mothers? We always place our needs and wants at the bottom of the totem pole. Heck, I think mine are actually under the dirt in which the totem pole is buried..." The latest from humor columnist Linda Sharp. 

Mom, the Glamour Queen Every mom who works from home will appreciate this day-in-the-life account of a successful writer and mother. By humor columnist Linda Sharp.

Moon Over Miami...ZZZzzzz "This was Miami, home of Latin rhythms, spicy food, Ricky Martin. We lay back on our bed to discuss nightlife and woke up two hours later. We needed to get moving. We moved several feet towards the pillows and promptly fell back asleep again..." Humor columnist Linda M. Sharp tells us about her week-long getaway. 

It's Spring Break Alright, But Just WHO is Getting the Break? Humor columnist Linda M. Sharp wishes for some quiet time of her own during the kids' spring break.