Striiv Smart Pedometer

STRIIV SmartPedometer - Premium Package
STRIIV SmartPedometer

Another great gift for fitnes enthusiasts and gadget lovers!

Striiv is the first SmartPedometer that learns your behavior and then motivates you to achieve your fitness goals. As Striiv gets to know you, it personalizes challenges and goals based on your level of activity. Games, challenges, competitions with friends, charity donations and other addictively fun features motivates you to move throughout your day so you can reach your fitness goals!

Here’s why Striiv Works:
* Striiv Learns Your Behavior: Striiv learns your activity with each step and stair taken. It learns what motivates you and provides personalized goals so you can fit exercise into your busiest days.
* Striiv is Fun: Earn a charity donation, race your friend across the Golden Gate Bridge, burn an ice-cream sundae.
* Striiv is addictively fun. The more you play with Striiv, the more you will move. The average Striiv user opens Striiv 29 times per day!
* Striiv is Social: Striiv’s Social Features allow you to connect with your close friends and family and use their activity to motivate you to move. Add friends and share stats and milestones with each other. Post your Striiv data to Facebook and Twitter and share your progress.

How Striiv Motivates:
* Walk For A Cause: At Striiv, we believe the best way to motivate you to move is to walk for someone else. That’s why Striiv is the only device that counts every step you take toward a donation to charity, at no cost to you.
* Compete and Connect with Your Friends: Compete wirelessly with friends in real-time and bet real-life chores such as doing the dishes or emptying the trash. Download your friends’ daily averages and personal bests and track how you’re doing against your friends.
Games: Myland is the first walking game ever on a pedometer. Bring back the animals that inhabit the enchanted island by planting trees and building huts. The only catch is that in order to progress, you must walk, run, and take the stairs.
* Goals and Challenges Personalized to You: The Striiv SmartPedometer uses every step you take to craft personalized goals and challenges that motivate you to walk the extra mile. Accept a Striiv Challenge to walk 100 steps in the next 5 minutes, or climb 100 stairs more than yesterday.

Shown above in the Striiv Smart Pedometer Premium Package. Also available in a Basic Package

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