Mohdoh Aromatherapy Dough

Mohdoh Holistic Aromatherapy Moldable Dough

Here’s play-dough for adults. Not only is it soothing to play with and squeeze between your fingers, it smells so lovely that it’s designed to calm your senses.

Mohdoh is a clever, holistic remedy that uses therapeutic dough infused with essential oils to relieve stress and induce sleep. Simply knead for five minutes to release the oils so they can be inhaled and absorbed through the skin. Choose Sleep for insomnia, Calm for relaxation or Travel for motion sickness. (8¾ x 1½ x 1½”)

Mohdoh Aromatherapy Putty is available in three scents/varieties:  Calm, Travel (for motion sickness), and Sleep

Available online from Magellan’s.