Doodle Duvet & Pillowcase

Doodle Duvet – Draw on it, Wash it, Do It Again!
The perfect gift for your creative, super expressive kids, the Doodle Duvet helps you transform their bedroom into a masterpiece.

The easy to wash duvet is designed to look like a giant piece of paper, just waiting for your kiddos words, art, sketches, poems, letters, favorite quotes, you name it. Anytime you want to start over, throw it in the wash and start fresh.

Pair it with this:

Doodle Pillowcase – Draw on it, Wash it, Do it Again!

Once you have the Doodle Duvet, you’re going to want doodle-ability on the pillowcase, too. On one side, the Doodle Pillowcase is fashioned to look like a great big piece of paper, with printed lines, holes, and red line margins. But, on the other side, you’ll see a decorative frame – and that means you have two times the area to scribble, draw, sketch, write a poem, whatever you like. Again, when you want to start fresh, simply throw it in the washing machine and start over!

Both items are available online from Convenient Gadgets and Gifts, which we don’t have any current coupon codes for, but we think you’ll find the price to be a good one!