Connor’s Science Kits for Kids

Here’s another great gift idea available online from Uncommon Goods:

Connor’s Science Kits for Kids are the creation of a brilliant 4th grader named Connor, who wanted his friends to see how exciting science could be, so he created his own series of kid-friendly experiment kits. Choose one or choose them all:

Crystal Explosion - Connor's Kits for Kids
Crystal Explosion – Connor’s Kits for Kids
Looking for a fun and safe way for your kids to learn more about precipitation, evaporation and molecules? Look no more! With Connor’s Crystal Explosion kit, your child will be able to quickly grow their own crystals without any toxic chemicals, stove-tops or microwaves! Just leave the mix in the fridge overnight to see crystals form. Within 24 hours, the cup will be filled! Take the all-inclusive kit for a spin and watch your kids have a crystal ball.

Polymer Power - Connor's Kits for Kids
Polymer Power – Connor’s Kits for Kids
It’s not exactly a stretch to say that kids go crazy for slime! With Connor’s Polymer Power set, you can feel good about letting your children have some gross-out fun as they learn to make their own polymer slime! Basic chemical reactions, mixing solutions, and knowledge of molecules will soon be at your children s fingertips. And with big, 8 oz. bottles of “Slimerizer” and Slime Base, they can experiment over and over again with the polymer consistency, until laying their gooey hands on that perfect slimy formula.

Plant Pals - Connor's Kits for Kids
Plant Pals – Connor’s Kits for Kids
To the untrained eye, plants can be a real (herbi)bore! The Plant Pals organic growing kit helps children discover the deceptively fascinating world of botany and nutrition while they have fun getting their hands a little dirty and thumbs a little green. Created from a kid’s-eye-view, the Plant Pals include seeds and easy-to-follow instructions on how to plant Mung Beans, Alfalfa and Wheat Grass, plus accessories to chart their growth. Even the most impatient naturalist will be appeased by the three-day turnaround for new sprouts, and once the experiments are finalized, they can trade in their measuring tools for a chef’s hat and feast on the fruits of their labor(atory).