Tell Tale

Tell Tale
Tell Tale

Tell Tale is the unique storytelling game where your imagination comes to life. From Blue-Orange games (one of our favorite companies for simple and innovative games), you will take a journey into story land as you improvise and listen to stories based on a variety of images.

The 60 charming Tell Tale cards will take you to unexpected situations with surprising characters. Do you ramble on? No problem. Exagerate? Use it to your advantage! Like to tell it sweet and simple? Game on!

Packaged in a sturdy round tin, the game is easy to take anywhere you go, and all you need to play is the cards and your imagination. With unlimited possibilities and four variations to spice up the game, Tell Tale unlocks the creativity within everyone.

Bedtime is always a special cherished moment to share with your kids. Tell Tale offers a new option to traditional storybooks; your little one can choose a few of these images for you to tell short, bedtime stories! Together you will share added complicity that will send you off to sweet dreams.

Tell Tale exercises children’s imaginations and stimulates creative thinking. It develops literacy skills and concept imagery. Describing images can be a great alternative to reading words to reinforce language skills.

For ages 5+

Available online from (We don’t have any coupon codes for at this time, but the price is pretty low and provides a great value as it is.)