Nina Ottosson Interactive Dog Toys

Nina Ottosson Dog Box Interactive Dog Toy
Nina Ottosson Dog Box Interactive Dog Toy

For a smarter happier dog, give treats with the Nina Ottosson Dog Box Interactive Dog Toy.

Who doesn’t want a smarter dog? If only they could cook, clean, and feed themselves, you wouldn’t have to! Well, at least one of these is partially addressed by this awesome doggie puzzle.

This ingenious toy might make a genius of your Fido. When a block is dropped into the top of the box, a treat is dispensed below. It includes three different lids, each with a varying degree of difficulty. As your dog learns, it won’t get bored! And, because of the sturdy, all-wood pegs, this is one toy you won’t have to replace.

Even if your precious pooch chews those pegs to smithereens, replacements are available. Everything has been accounted for. You just have to decide when you want your dog to start getting smarter.

About Nina Ottosson
Since 1990, Nina Ottosson’s innovative, interactive toys have been loved by dogs and their owners alike. Her creative constructions are designed to do two things: stimulate a dog’s brain, and enhance the relationship with its owner. All of her doggie brainteasers require a certain level of mental and physical dexterity to reveal the hidden food reward. Each has a unique mechanism that can be adjusted to a desired difficulty level, meaning any dog can enjoy the fun, rewarding play of a Nina Ottoson toy. It is truly revolutionizing the way we play with our pets.

Rugged, wood construction
Automatically dispenses treats
Three different difficulty configurations
Increases problem solving skills
Dimensions: 8.75L x 8.75W x 6.75H in.

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