Ball of Whacks

Creative Whack Company, LLC Ball Of Whacks - 30 Magnetic Design Blocks
Ball Of Whacks – 30 Magnetic Design Blocks

The Ball of Whacks is an addictive set of 30 magnetic pyramid-shaped pieces that act as building blocks.

This ball of magnetic pieces is proven to jump start your creativity and imagination. Based on the rhombic triacontahedron, this ball consists of 30 magnetic pyramid shaped pieces that act as building blocks for an unlimited number of uses.

According to the Xtreme Geek site, where you can find this geeky little gem,  the rhombic triacontahedron “is a convex polyhedron with 30 rhombic faces. It is an Archimedean Dual solid, or a Catalon Solid. The ratio of the long diagonal to the short diagonal of each face is exactly equal to the golden ratio f, so that the acute angles on each face measure 2 tan-1(1/f) = tan-1(2), or approximately 63.43. A rhombus so obtained is called a golden rhombus. The rhombic triacontahedron is face-transitive, meaning the symmetry group of the solid acts transitively on the set of faces. In other words, this means that for any two faces A and B there is a rotation or reflection of the solid that leaves it occupying the same region of space while moving face A to face B.”

Yea. I didn’t really get any of that, but I do understand that the Ball of Whacks is fun to mess around with!

Recommended ages 8+

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