Classic Colorforms

Original Colorforms Set
Give a child a classic, constructive and creative toy with this complete replica of the original 1951 Colorforms set. A perennial favorite, the original Colorforms set has versatile shapes that can be formed into a limitless number of colorful pictures and designs. The plastic-based Colorform shapes easily attach to any glossy surface, allowing hours of imaginative games, puzzles and activities. And two surfaces are already included, too.  As featured on The Today Show.

Did you know? Colorforms began when two art students were experimenting with a new flexible vinyl material and discovered how the vinyl stuck to the glossy paint in their bathroom, and how much fun they had playing with the shapes they had cut out. It was first launched in New York City and was considered for the permanent collection at the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA).

From Uncommon Goods. (See Today’s Uncommon Goods promotions here.)