Personal Petits Fours

Monogrammed Petits Fous
Monogrammed Petits Fours
Here’s a hostess gift idea we love. On second thought, it would make a memorable gift for a Mother’s Day, a bridal shower, a baby shower, or a whole host of other events: Perfectly elegant Petits Fours personalized with her initials!

These little glazed cakes are elegant and scrumptious. And Duane Park Patisserie allows you to easily design your own! With 4 shapes, 6 designs and 9 colors (plus edible silver, gold, and pearl finishes) you can create a lot of delicious combinations. Even better, these are ready to be shipped within 48 hours of the time you place your order. Imagine the look on your hostess’s face when she sees these darling things!

Thanks, O Magazine, for sharing this idea.