Laser Pegs

Laser Pegs Building Sets Race Car - 12 models in 1
Laser Pegs Building Sets Race Car – 12 models in 1

Laser Pegs is an innovative toy has won numerous awards, including: Dr Toy Winner 10 Best Children’s Software High Tech and Dr Toy Winner 100 best Children’s Products.

Laser Pegs is the first unique toy construction set in the world in which each piece feeds the next piece low voltage current. You can design and build anything you want with Laser Pegs and use them lit up or turned off. Once one peg is connected to a power source, it then illuminates any other peg it is connected with. A high quality LED will run about 100,000 hours, which is equivalent to keeping them illuminated non-stop for 11 years. The batteries supply the toy models current, but the length of time is determined by how many Laser Pegs are attached to the power base. Each piece is made of clear ABS plastic with a small resistor and LED on the inside of the molded shape. Each piece slides perfectly into the next allowing your child to create limitless designs.

In addition to the Race Car set shown above, you can find Laser Pegs online at in a variety of building kits – from helicopters to dragons to butterflies to spaceships, rockets and robots.

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