Friends and Friendships

The Importance of Friendships
Just in case you need a few concrete reasons to call a friend and invite her over for a glass of wine this evening, here are a few things that good friends do for us.

Negative People - 7 Ways to Cope
Whether your child or spouse has an occasional negative day or you deal with a family member, friend or co-worker that is chronically negative, here are 7 things you can do to remain positive in the face of negativity

Best Friend Gift Ideas
Ideas (and discounts, coupons, and specials) to help you show your best friend that you cherish her.

Entertaining Without Stress
"Entertaining is meant to be just that - entertaining. If you are frazzled or frightened of the outcome,  you are not entertaining, you are generating stress..." Here's help.

The Shy Person's Guide to Conversation

Everyone feels shy from time to time. Here are twelve tips to help you keep conversation flowing. 

How to Be a Better Friend  
Being a friend isn't just something that we do. It's a skill that we can learn and improve upon. Here, eight ways to be a better friend.  

Listening Skills
10 simple ways to improve your listening skills.

What to Do When Someone You Know Has Been Diagnosed with Breast Cancer
Good advice for supporting your family and friends through a crisis. 

8 Quick Tips for Brewing Better Coffee
Invite a friend over for coffee. If your morning joe leaves a lot to be desired, follow these easy steps to brewing a better cup.

Ten Secrets of Good Listeners 
What good listeners know - and you should, too. Practical tips to help you develop your listening skills as well as links to self-evaluations. 

Overcoming Our Feline Instincts  
"As women, we are bound by so many common experiences that it would seem logical to draw support and encouragement from each other.  Unfortunately, we live in a society that fosters divisiveness and contention among gender equals..."
An article on celebrating our spiritual sisterhood. By Kimberly Hohman.  

Choose Your Friends Wisely
The company we keep both reflects--and helps determine--the kind of people we become...

"Make new friends, but keep the is silver and the other gold." 
We Girl Scout veterans can still hum the tune, but, as we get older and busier, making new friends seems more difficult. Here are some tips for finding--and keeping--a solid support network.

Be That Friend
What can you do when your friend is going through major life challenges? How can you be there to support them and back them up? Tips for being that kind, caring, compassionate friend.