The Zone Diet

88x31 White Dr. Sears Zone Logo BannerThis diet plan was devised by Barry Sears, Ph.D. The basis of the diet is that you should eliminate sugar and high-starch foods such. The diet claims that by entering the zone you will “‘lose weight permanently, achieve peak physical performance, enhance mental productivity and delay the signs of ageing.”

The theory behind the diet is that excess insulin (the hormone that helps control our blood sugar levels) makes us fat and keeps us fat. Therefore by regulating our insulin levels our bodies will burn fat more efficiently. 

To get the perfect balance and stay in “the zone” you’ll need to achieve the right balance of good carbohydrates, proteins and fats in every meal. This diet is not too dissimilar to other diets such as the Low-GI diet plan or diets that promote eating whole grain carbs and avoiding high-starch sugar products. 

The difference with this diet and other low GI plans is that you do have to measure and make sure that every meal is perfectly balanced. This includes 40% calories from whole grain carbohydrates, 30% from lean protein and 30% from fat. It is known as the 40:30:30 zone ratio. 

The amounts of foods you should eat is further calculated using zone food blocks you should have daily according to your weight and height. 

The diet is a little difficult and time consuming to start but Dr. Sears strongly advices that you must achieve the right balance of foods in order to stay in the “zone”. To make this a little easier you can mentally divided your plate into three equal portions, one third is filled with lean protein and the other two thirds with vegetables and fruit. You can add a little olive oil or nuts to increase your intake of healthy fats. 

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