Sugar Busters Diet Plan

This diet plan was comprised by three physicians and a CEO of a fortune 500 company. The basis of the plan is on reducing your sugar intake to promote weight loss. 

You are to eliminate sugar and high starch carbohydrates. Instead each meal should comprise of a lean protein, whole grain carbohydrates and low start vegetables and fruit along with a little healthy fat. 

This plan is not too dissimilar to other low GI diet plans out there. You are to eliminate all processed and starchy carbohydrates this includes vegetables like potatoes, corn and carrots. Certain fruits like bananas are also high in starch. 

The idea is that by reducing your sugar intake (sugar is also found in high starch vegetables and fruits) you will balance your insulin levels and feel better while losing weight. 

You are advised to eat moderate portions and although there is not emphasis on calorie counting you must exercise portion control in order to lose weight. 

The diet is a natural healthy way of eating but may be difficult to follow in the long run. The idea is that you stay sugar free for life to achieve maximum health but this may be a difficult goal for many people.

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