Low GI Diet

The low GI diet plan has soared in popularity over the last year. It seems that everyone is talking about low glycemic foods and replacing white carbs with healthier whole grains. 

The basis of the Low GI diet plan is that you should eat the good for you carbs and whole grains such as whole wheat, seed and granary breads. You are also advised to avoid high GI foods including potatoes (with the exception of baby potatoes) and rice. 

There are also a few surprises on the diet such as you can’t eat pineapple or bananas because they rate high on the glycemic index. There are also a few pleasant surprises such as being able to eat white pasta. Pasta seems to be one of the white carbs which doesn’t have a high GI level. 

The plan is based around the believe that high glycemic index foods raise the insulin levels in the body too rapidly and if you eat many of these high GI foods you will not only gain weight but feel unhealthy overall. 

The diet claims to not only help you loose weight by reducing your cravings for sweet foods but also to balance your sugar levels so that you have higher energy throughout the day and no “afternoon slumps”. It is also believed eating a low GI diet will help with many health related illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes and even certain types of cancers. 

There is also an added bonus that your skin should look younger and be less prone to acne by eating low GI foods. 

The plan doesn’t really follow any phases but you are advised to watch your calorie intake if your purpose is to loose weight. Many healthy low GI foods are very calorific. You are also warned to stay away from caffeine and alcohol, with the exception of red wine which is okay in moderation once your insulin levels are under control. 

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