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Review: "How to Own Your Paycheck Again" by Leo Quinn

For 8 years, Quinn has been helping middle-class Americans to get a handle on their finances and reduce and even eliminate their debt. His seminars and articles have a unique way of opening your mind to new ideas and empowering listeners that they indeed can get out from under old debts.

Now he offers his advice in an instantly downloadable ebook, available in PDF format.

"It seems that most people think they need to make more money to get out of debt and get ahead. Or they think they have to cut out all their fun, cancel their cable TV and drive a 15 year old car," Leo says. "If you can pay all your bills on time now, all you really have to do is change the way you pay your debts using the money you already make."

In his ebook, Leo Quinn shares:

How a savings account can end up costing you.

Why paying off high interest debts first can be the slowest way out of debt.

Why paying extra money on more than one of your debts can actually keep you in debt longer.

How to calculate exactly  when you'll be out of debt and FREE!

Visit Leo's website for a wealth of testimonials and more information on how people from all walks of life have used this book to achieve financial freedom and eliminate their debts.

Who's it for? This program is best suited for people who are able to pay the minimums on their debt each month and aren’t accumulating new debts, but feel as though the minimum fees and the old balance will just never go away. 

Money-back guarantee? Yes. Visit site for details. 

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About the Author:
Leo J. Quinn, Jr. is a financial educator from the Albany, NY area. For the last eight years he has been stunning audiences by showing them that paying off their highest interest rates debts first and/or paying extra on more than one debt is often the SLOWEST way to get rid of those debts. He has a special offer for Momscape readers here.

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