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Check out personalized furniture, towels, luggage and more!

20% Off House, Tent & Tunnel Combo Playset
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Educational toys at Back To Basics Toys
Are you a teacher or teacher's aid? If so, we know you are looking for engaging educational toys and games for your classroom. Check out the Back to Basics collection by clicking the link above.

Toys made in North America and Europe:
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About Back to Basics Toys:

I've been getting the Back to Basics Toy catalog for years now, and I am consistently impressed with the kinds of toys offered. Founded in 1988, Back to Basics offers lots of vintage toys. These are games, puzzles, and toys that you are bound to remember with fondness from your own childhood. The collection includes the Radio Flyer All-Terrain Wagon, Collector’s Edition Candy Land, Old Century Baseball, Krazy Kar, Slinky, Wood Garage, Flexible Flyer Sled, Mrs. Beasley Doll, Erector and more.

Here are just a few of the top-selling toys at this online toy store:

-Rock'em Sock'em Robots
-Archery Set
-Gnip Gnop
-Slinky Dog
-Moon Shoes
-Evel Knievel Super Stunt Set
-Bozo Bop Bag
-Magic Hand Bank
-Honey Bee Tree
-Balance Board
-Push-Along Chimes
-Fashion Designer
-Creepy Crawlers Workshop
-Squeezed Out
-Children's Card Games
-Rubber Horse Shoe Set
-Tabletop Shuffleboard
-Collector's Edition Candy Land
-Safe with Alarm

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