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If you don't have a kindle yet, you really must get one. (Read my review below.)
The Amazon Kindle now comes in three varieties - one for every budget:
Kindle: $79. Get FREE Shipping.
Kindle Touch: $99. Get FREE Shipping.
Kindle Touch 3G: $149 FREE Shipping
Kindle and Kindle Touch have the most advanced E-Ink display technology available and the 3G Kindle Touch adds 3G wireless with no monthly fees or annual contracts. Get FREE Shipping
Kindle Fire: $199 FREE Shipping
Kindle Fire is a beautiful, full color Kindle for books and magazines, but also movies, TV shoes, music, apps, games, web browsing and more.
The Kindle DX Free 3G + WiFi and with a 9.7" screen - $379. Get FREE Shipping.

My Kindle Review
As many of you know, books are some of my very favorite things, so I treated myself to an Amazon Kindle once the price came down to $259. And I have to tell you, I love this thing.

I thought, at first, that I might miss holding a real paper book in my hands, turning real paper pages. But I absolutely adore this gadget. I love how it holds more than one book, so if I’m waiting for the kids somewhere, I have a wide range of choices to suit my mood: books, blogs, PDFs.

It’s very easy to navigate and to find new books, and it holds a charge for a long time. It’s easy to highlight text and make notes. Many times, when I’m reading at night or in the car, for example, I don’t have a pen or a highlighter, but, with the Kindle, you always have a way to record your thoughts on a particular passage. Then you can view, delete, and even export those highlighted passages and annotations.

You can really save money on books, too. Every title I’ve looked at is $10 and under – even new releases that are available at the bookstore only in hardback.

There are a number of free and very inexpensive books, too, especially classic literature. My daughter downloaded all the Anne of Green Gables novels in a single package for 99 cents.

See all of today's free Kindle Downloads  (This list changes on a daily basis. The bestselling free ebooks are in the column on the right-hand side of the screen.)

The downside: The Kindle shows your location in a book by “location numbers” as well as a percentage of the book completed. There are no coordinating page numbers, so my daughter, who is required to keep a log of her pages read for school, has to use percentages or “locations” instead.

Also, it’s very easy to buy books. A little too easy. You don’t have to be hooked up to your computer or anything. You just click on over to the kindle bookstore on your device and when you select a particular title, the “buy” button is already highlighted. My daughter was browsing around and bought a couple of titles accidentally. There is a “bought by mistake” link that reverses the charges without hassle, but I wish that the buy button wasn’t automatically highlighted or that there was at least a confirmation page.

Another thing, you have to use a separate book light when reading in the dark. I have a light that works great and is compact, but I feel like this should be an included feature on the device.

These minor things aside, the Kindle is already changing my life. I love that I can download all those books that I’ve been meaning to read in just moments, in many cases for much less than I would pay at the bookstore. And all those books fit on this little skinny device…as many as 1,500 at a time, though I don’t have that many (yet!)

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