Wishing it Were Friday

by T.W. Winslow

I love my kids' bedtime. Not because the house suddenly becomes quiet or the ceiling stops shaking from a lack of children jumping and wrestling upstairs, but because some of my best conversations with my kids come at this time.

The other night, I was tucking my young son into bed. Often he'll request a back rub to help him fall asleep. As I sat on the edge of his bed rubbing his back softly in the quiet darkness of his room, he made the comment he was glad it was almost Friday. 

I didn't say anything at first, continuing to rub his back in silence. Reflecting upon what he said, I thought of how often I've said the same thing or something very similar. When the alarm clock rings at six every Monday morning, when I have an obligation I'd rather not fulfill, when things just aren't going my way for whatever reason... these are the times when I most often find myself wishing my life away - wishing it were Friday, so to speak. 

Then I thought of an article I had read in that morning's newspaper about a tragic incident which left three young children without parents. I wondered how often members of that family had wished their lives away? I imagined if they could turn the hands of time back, they'd not waste one single moment wishing for a new day to come. They'd make the most of the precious time they had together. 

Even though tragedies happen every day which rob people of their future, it's human nature to think, "That won't happen to me." I guess that's simply our own built-in defense mechanism at work, and it's probably a lot more healthy than worrying about what might happen. However, this shouldn't stop us from realizing how precious and fleeting our own lives are and use this understanding to help us make the most of the time we do have. 

As my son began to drift off to sleep, I stroked his cheek and softly whispered, "Don't wish your life away, son. The time we have is precious. Each day should be savored. Each moment cherished. Friday will come soon enough. Anyway, I'm not quite ready to stop enjoying today."