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Family Activities and Crafts
Ideas and tips for frugal family fun. 

Making Food Fun for Kids 
Ideas for food they'll actually eat. 

Birthday Party Fun
Ideas on inexpensive goodie bags, theme parties, and more. 

Fun Family Travel
Family travel ideas, coupons, and special deals to make your family travels a true "vacation" - and not just a "trip." 

More Family Fun "Quick Tips" From Our Blog
Nice little nuggets of fun ideas.
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Family Activities and Crafts

Scrapbook Flowers - How to Make Your Own Rose Embellishments
An easy tutorial on making floral embellishments.

Simple Toys - Healthy Minds
Our favorite simple toys. What are yours?

Momscape Product Pick: Old Fashioned Children’s Games – Over 200 Outdoors, Car Trip, Song, Card & Party Activities

Car Games: 23 Games to Play in the Car (or Anywhere!)
Learn how to transform boring trips into magical memories with these 23 games to play in the car – no supplies required!

Surviving Summer Boredom with Your Kids
Author Dyan Eybergen offers five easy strategies for beating summer boredom and helping your kids develop the internal resources important for developing creativity, resourcefulness, and time management skills.

Book an adventure travel tour: Historic Parks of the American Southwest

Salt Dough: Recipes and Craft Ideas

Origami for Kids
A simple papercrafting project to get you started.

How to Make Paper Flowers
Three easy paper flower crafting projects, just right for young kids and customizable for older kids and adults.

Photography for Kids
How and why to get your kids excited about photography. Includes photography games and photography activities for children.

Fun Indoor Activity: Paint Your Own Boots!

Preschool Winter Activities: Winter Educational Ideas for Preschoolers
It's fun to use things in our children's everyday lives to spark discussion and easy educational activities. Since many of us are currently in the midst of winter, this season can be a great topic of "study" for our littlest ones. Here are ideas for
introducing the topic of winter with your little ones.

Twelve Great Homemade Presents to Make with Your Kids
No need to spend a fortune. Your kids will love making these presents for grandparents, cousins and teachers, and the recipients will treasure them. Here are twelve ideas for gifts you can make together.
No Child Left Inside
How can parents make it more interesting for kids to get outside and get active? Author Mark Stevens has some great ideas you can start using today.

Fimo Fun: How to Make Your Own Fimo Beads! 
A fun crafting project you can enjoy with your kids...

Getting Started Beading
Introducing a magical way to reduce stress and express your creative side. It takes no special training, and your kids can enjoy the hobby right alongside you. Here's what you need to know to get started beading today. 

How to Make a Journal Jar
Help the people in your family catalog their history with this wonderful homemade gift idea. The best part? The kids can help. 

Storytelling Techniques: 10 Ways to Make Up Great Child Stories for Your Kids
It's fun to read child stories to your kids, but it's even more fun to make up your own. You don't need to be a creative genius to do so. All it takes is a little imagination and patience (with yourself). Follow these 10 suggestions, and you'll find that making up entertaining child stories is as easy as talking with a good friend.

20 Fun Indoor Activities for Kids
"When it's raining, snowing, or just plain too cold to play outside, your household can fall victim to the 'I'm Bored Blues.' With a little creativity and imagination, you can turn the tables and find fun things to do without running to the store or turning on the television."

Handprint Flowers Craft
This is a great springtime activity - and it makes a great little gift for grandparents, too. 

Make Your Own Homemade Toys
with items you have around the house.

How to Dry Flowers
Create beautiful home decor simply and easily. Here's how.

Toddler Learning Activities 
Toddlers: ever going, never tiring, always learning. Here are some fun and educational activities for your toddler. 

Journaling for Kids
Encouraging your children to keep their own personal journals. 

Summer Boredom Busters
10 great ideas to keep kids from getting the summer blues.

Family Fun: Five Ways to Celebrate Everyday Life with your Family Those of us who invest our time, energy, and money into raising a family know it better than anyone: there is no substitute for quality family time. Here are ideas for fostering the closeness of your family. 

Disneyland with Wee Folks  
Tips for a magical, memorable trip. 

Gardening with Children
Practical tips from Jill Black. 

Essential Art Supplies for Kids: A Checklist 
Creativity brings joy to life. Stimulate kids' imaginations by having these inexpensive supplies on hand.

Frugal Indoor Fun
Eleven free and low-cost activities to enjoy when the kids can't play outdoors. 

A Book of Blessings
Create a treasure for yourself--and your kids.. 

Miniature Rocket Experiment
 Perfect for July 4th backyard fun. A science experiment and kids' craft in one. 

Canning Jar Candles  
Another great homemade gift idea...

Preschool Board Games  
Games spell family fun and lots of learning, too. Click here for our top picks...

Easy Tie-Dye for Kids 
No design will be the same as another...

Twenty Toys You Don't Have to Buy  
Make toys from items you already have around the house.

Time Capsule of Family Memories 
Family fun for the New Year. 

Family Game Night
 A simple tradition that fosters communication, togetherness, and family fun. 

Family Traditions  
Family traditions are the glue that binds one generation to another. Here is a collection of favorite family traditions, as well as a chance for you to share your own.

Creative Storybook Reading Make reading aloud fun - for the kids and for you...

Heide's Best ABC Book Ever A great long-term project for pre-schoolers. 

Get Down (on the Floor!) and Play with Your Children Ah, the joys of floortime! Here, fun tips for spontaneous play. 

Family Movies: A Guide to Finding Family-Friendly Films
You never know what you’re going to find when you take the kids to the movies – or turn on the TV in the evening. Here are four useful online resources to help you avoid surprises and find the best family-friendly movies. 

Toddler Activities: Simple and Inexpensive Ways to Enjoy Life with your Toddler
The key to having fun with your toddler is to keep it simple and spend lots of time allowing them to explore at their own pace. Here are some simple and inexpensive activities you can enjoy with your toddler.  

Funny Mom Quotes
Sixteen funny quotations to celebrate motherhood.

Unique Mother's Day Gift Ideas
As moms, we know that the most endearing Mother's Day gifts are those with a personal, sentimental touch. This Mother's Day, we've compiled six suggestions for those gifts we'd most like to receive ourselves. (Free free to share this article with your spouse.) ;)

12 Simple Pleasures You Can Enjoy in April
The simplest pleasures are sometimes the sweetest. Here are a series of affordable pleasures to help you slow down and taste the sweetness of the simple life. 

Making Food Fun for Kids 
Popsicle Recipes 
Chill out with these easy, inexpensive, healthy, and creative recipes for popsicles and pudding pops.

Fun Snacks for Kids 

How do you keep snacks exciting and fun? Here are ten healthy and fun ideas. 

How to Help Your Picky Eater
Are you worried that your child won’t get enough nutrients because she’s a picky eater? The good news is that the American food supply is super-fortified, therefore nutrient deficiencies are rare. Kids will often grow out of picky eating if it isn’t given too much attention, so while you wait for that day, here are some options to try.

Recipes for Picky Eaters
Ideas for outsmarting your picky eater by hiding nutrient-rich foods in kids' favorites. 

Pancakes Fit for a King
A new top secret recipe....these pancakes are said to taste just like IHOP cakes.

Popcorn Recipes
Five fun recipes you've got to try. 

Nutritious Snacks for Kids  
Quick, easy, and delicious recipes your kids will love. 

Healthy Eating for Families: 20 Quick and Easy Dinnertime Tips
By the end of any given weekday, we have packed lunches, kissed foreheads, gone to work, driven carpool all over town, and now…now it is time to cook dinner. Here are twenty quick and easy tips that can also make for magical family memories.

Easy Fruit Smoothie Recipes
Seven great ways to get your "5-a-day."

Brown Bag Lunch Ideas
Nine healthy ideas for avoiding packed lunch boredom. 

How to Get Kids to Eat Vegetables: 6 Easy Tips 
Here's a common struggle that most moms face at one time or another: getting kids to eat vegetables. Here are some fun and easy ways to get your kids to eat their veggies. 

Kids' Brain Boosters
Many factors affect brain health. Here, what you can do to make a positive difference in your child's learning and memory function.

Birthday Parties 
Preschool Birthday Parties: 12 Tips for Kids Ages 5 and Under
Preschool birthday parties are joyous, but, the truth is, when my kids were younger, I tended to lose sight of what a successful birthday party really is: a memorable event that makes your child feel treasured. Now that my kids are a little older, and I have a few more parties under my belt, I do it differently. Here are some tips for throwing a birthday party for children ages 5 and under.

Birthday Party Theme Ideas
Check out this website for all kinds of party themes. 

Discount Birthday Party Supplies
From Birthday in a Box and Oriental Trading Company. 

Princess Parties
Fabulous games and crafts for your princess party. 

Birthday Party Fun: Goodie Bag Alternatives Here are a few creative ideas that will make your guests - and wallet - happy.

Kids Party Games
Creative and inexpensive games that are easy to learn - and fun!

Frugal Gifts for All Those Kids' Birthday Parties Imaginative ideas from Cyndi Roberts. 

Healthier First Birthday Cake Ideas
Here are some ideas for keeping the tradition of the messy first birthday treat, but with some healthy twists. The best part? You can use these ideas far beyond the first birthday. 

Baby Gifts: 14 Unique, Creative, and Meaningful Gifts for Special Little Ones
It's important (and sometimes difficult) to find affordable baby gifts that are unique and meaningful. Here are a few ideas, including inexpensive baby gifts, personalized baby gifts, baby gifts baskets, and more. 

Perfect Party Punch
A fizzy recipe with ice cream, sherbet and loads more!

From Momscape's Favorite Things blog: Woodland Fairy Birthday Party Package for 10

Holidays and Special Occasions
Baby Shower Party Games Ten fun, free games your guests will love. 

Halloween Ideas

Halloween party games, food and activities - plus ideas for inexpensive homemade costumes and face-painting tips. 

Halloween Activities for Young Children
Celebrate the annual Fright Night with these seventeen fun (and not so scary) ideas, especially for young children. 

Homemade Halloween Costumes
Unique costumes you can create yourself - for less. Baby and toddler halloween costumes, too.  

Valentine's Day Crafts for Kids
Fun things to do with your kids for Valentine's Day

Father's Day Gift Ideas Great last-minute gift ideas that involve the whole family. 

A Walking Stick for Dad  
Make a lasting gift that Dad will treasure. 

Easter Family Traditions
Seven ways to add meaning to your family celebration this Easter. 

6 Creative Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

11 Fun Easter Activities for Kids
Easy, fun, and affordable family activities for Eastertime.

Decorating Easter Eggs

Instructions for traditional easter egg decorating, as well as glitter eggs, crepe paper eggs, decoupage eggs, spotted eggs, and waxed eggs. 

Easter Recipes
Build your Easter Family Traditions with these yummy, kid-friendly Easter recipes: 
Coconut Ambrosia Fruit Salad 
Creamy Homemade Au Gratin Potatoes 
Orange Glazed Ham
Roast Leg of Lamb
Roasted Red Potatoes
Homemade Macaroni and Cheese
Honey and Lime Carrots
Honey Sweet Potato Mash 
Easter Brownie Cupcakes 
Easter Ice Cream Nests (A perfect kid-friendly desert - guaranteed to be a hit!)

More Fun Ideas for Special Occasions/Holidays
Gift Ideas for Kids

Gift Art Sets for Children  
View all product reviews and gift ideas here. Kid's Shoes
Do you have questions about kids' shoes? You call the shoes new kids' phone line, and a Kids Shoe Specialist will answer your questions about kids shoes. Details at the kids' shoes link above. Updated coupons are here. 

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Summer by Alice Low. 

This is Your Garden by Maggie Smith.