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Cord Blood Banking: What You Need to Know
Cord banking basics, including options for donating cord blood and banking your baby's cord blood in a private facility.

Baby's First Holiday Dinner
Even though your baby may not be eating all types of table food yet, there are plenty of foods choices that can make a festive and delicious holiday dinner. Author Chery Tallman shares some ideas.

Natural Treatments for Diaper Rash
Inexpensive home remedies you can try today.

Ten Ways to Save Big on Baby Gear
A typical middle-income family with one child in the U.S. will spend an average of $13,590 on baby’s first year alone. But you get better value, and still buy high-quality, safe products without spending a bundle. Here's what you need to know, from Sandra Gordon, author of Consumer Reports Best Baby Products.

“Survival Tips” for Leaving Your House with a Baby (or Babies!) in Tow
Ever feel like you're under house arrest? Here are some strategies for how a mom of one or many can get herself and her babies out of the house.

Baby Food on a Budget
Homemade baby food can save you all kinds of money, and you won't be polluting the earth with all those little glass jars. It's a lot easier than you think. Here, four simple steps to making your own baby food.

New Dad Gifts
Give dad something that's useful and meaningful. Here are our favorite gift ideas for new dads.

Why You Can't Get Anything Done
"You’re not incompetent, and you don’t have ADHD. You have children!" A must-read from Melissa Stanton, author of The Stay-at-Home Survival Guide.

Postpartum Depression: Three Simple Questions to Ask Yourself
A simple new 3-question test has proven very reliable at detecting postpartum depression. Dr. Alan Greene shares the test here.

My Baby Hates Me
"I’m a new dad and I can’t help but feel like my 2-week old girl hates me. it seems that no matter what I do with her—or even if I come near her—she screams and cries and flails her arms like she’s trying to push me away or like she’s frightened of me." Author Armin Brott helps this new father bond with his newborn.

The Best Baby Strollers
Tips for choosing the best stroller for you and your family, at the best price.

Top 8 Parenting Dos and Don'ts
From pediatrician and author Dr. Alan Greene

BPA-Free Baby Bottles: What You Need to Know
As a parent of young children, it seems as though every time I turn on the news or pick up a paper, there's something new to worry about. Now it seems researchers are linking BPA to everything from ADHD to cancer. Meanwhile, more than 95 percent of the bottles currently on the market contain the chemical, which can leech into the contents of the bottle and into a child's digestive system. Do you need to be concerned about BPA - and what can you do to protect your baby's health?

How to Childproof Your Home
Advice from One Step Ahead.

Bacteria Risks and Pregnancy
Dr. Alan Greene on what you can do to minimize your bacteria risks during pregnancy, including information on avoiding listeria, e coli, salmonella, and toxoplasma.

Dear Mr. Dad Articles, by Armin Brott

Reluctant Father
Dear Mr. Dad: I just found out I’m pregnant and my husband is not looking forward to being a dad. The pregnancy was unplanned and he doesn’t see any positive sides to the situation. How do I get him to be more involved in the pregnancy and beyond?

Invasive In-Laws
Dear Mr. Dad: My fiancée and I recently had a baby. I'm thrilled with everything, but I can't help but feel like I'm taking a backseat to her parents. It's almost as if their opinions matter more than mine. Is there anything I can do or say?

Momscape's Favorite Things:

Plum Organics and the Squirt Spoon
My friend call this "The.Best.Invention.for.Babies.Ever."

Mom's 'One Line a Day' Diary makes a wonderful keepsake (and a great gift).

Fleurville Sling Tote Diaper Bag
It's a messenger bag, tote, and stroller bag in one.

Petunia Pickle Bottom Clever CarryAll Diaper Bags for just $50 now at

Beautiful new photo birth announcements from

Uncommonly Cute and Witty Onesies

Time Saving Tips for Making Baby Food

Back Up Your Child's Diet
"You know that it's wise to back up your computer’s hard drive; I recommend backing up your child’s food drive with a daily multivitamin/mineral supplement. This simple habit could improve your child’s health and even intelligence." Dr. Alan Greene, Professor of Pediatrics and author of Raising Baby Green, explains why he feels so strongly about this.

Feeding Your Green Baby
Making your own organic baby food is a great gift to give the environment and your baby. Here are some tips to creating healthy homemade meals for baby.

Interview Questions for a Pediatrician
Knowing what questions to ask can help you find the right pediatrician for your family. Dr. Alan Greene, author of Raising Baby Green, gives some questions you may want to ask to gauge physicians’ thoughts on things green.

Save on Organic Baby Items with these Amazon Grocery Coupon Codes

Exercising for Two
Dr. Alan Green's tips on exercising during pregnancy.

The Environmentally Friendly Laundry Room
Eco friendly laundry tips from Dr. Alan Green, author of Raising Baby Green: The Earth-Friendly Guide to Pregnancy, Childbirth and Baby Care

Fresh Baby Food On-the-Go
Families are always on the go, whether it’s off to daycare everyday or to visit friends and family once in a while. Here are some strategies to help you prepare for your baby’s meals on the go.

Babies on a Plane!
Mastering the Diaper Change at 30,000 feet. Tips and advice from author Melissa Stanton.

Top 100 Baby Names

Baby Product Reviews

Babies R Us Online Coupons and Promotions

Baby Parenting "Quick Tips"
Nuggets of must-have info, from Momscape's Blog. 

Crying Baby, Upset Dog
Dogs can become stressed when a baby is crying. Colleen Pelar, author of Living with Kids and Dogs...without Losing Your Mind gives us ideas for helping the family dog cope with the changes in your family. 

Getting Baby to Sleep 
You're exhausted, moody, and can't think straight. Sound familiar? 

Baby Nursery Decorating Ideas
Nine elements to consider when creating a soothing, practical nursery. 

Colicky Baby Remedies 
Tips for soothing a baby with colic. 

Free Baby Shower Ideas:

Baby Shower Party Games Ten fun, free games your guests will love. 

Baby Shower Games Free baby shower games.

Baby Shower Gifts Inexpensive baby shower gifts

Baby Shower Invitations Unique ideas for free baby shower invitations that are easy to make yourself.

Baby Shower Decorations baby shower decorations and cake ideas.

Momscape's Online Scrapbooking Magazine Capture life, and cherish the memories of this special occasion.

Baby Shower Gift Wrap
Wrap adorable baby gifts with these tips. 

5 Ways to Raise Joyful Kids
Foster your children's love of life. Tips by Mimi Doe, author of 10 Principles for Spiritual Parenting and Busy but Balanced

Five Principles for Spiritual Parenting
by Mimi Doe

"I've Got to Be Me"  
One supermom shares her secret for getting everything done and staying sane. 

Healthier First Birthday Cake Ideas
Here are some ideas for keeping the tradition of the messy first birthday treat, but with some healthy twists. The best part? You can use these ideas far beyond the first birthday.

Desperately Seeking Support 
A support network of other mothers can help you share ideas, vent frustration, and compare notes. Learn how to build a support network of your own. 

Escaping the Guilt Trap 
Mothers know all about guilt. Here are a few tips for identifying the guilt that is only dragging you down...and what to do about it. 

Help for Chronic Worriers  
Does excessive worry eat away at you? Learn what sort of worry can help you, and what can only make life more difficult.  Then, find out what to do about it. 
Banishing the Burnout Blues  Mothers are prime targets for physical and emotional burnout. Learn how to prevent and treat mommy burnout before it develops into a more serious problem. 

Full Circle: The Evolution of Mother-Child Relationships  How have your relationships changed since you had children? Here, we examine these relationships...and applaud the mothers who taught us how to do the most important job in the world. 

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