Winter Workouts

by Joni Hyde

Don't hang up your sneakers simply because cold winter weather is just around the corner. There are lots of ways to continue your exercise program in spite of the chilling temperatures. 

Stay Motivated
It's not uncommon for a woman to gain up to 10 pounds during the holiday months. Take heart…this does not have to happen to you! Focus on the benefits you stand to gain if you continue working out through the fall and winter months. Make it your goal to start the New Year ahead of the game... not with an extra 10 pounds to lose.

Maintaining a consistent exercise routine will ward off the "winter blues" too! Schedule 30 to 60 minutes 3 to 5 days a week for your workouts. Write down your workout schedule and keep these appointments, just as you would any other important appointment. Plan to include exercises for all three areas of fitness: cardiovascular, strength and flexibility.

Indoor Alternatives 
1. Mall walking. 
2. Step ups - Hold weights in each hand and step up and down on 4"- 8" step.
3. Videos - Tai Bo
4. Jumping Rope

Complete a home workout circuit consisting of 8 strength exercises to strengthen and tone your entire body. No need to invest in thousands of dollars of expensive home exercise equipment. Some dumbbells, ankle weights, a step and a few weighted bars are all you'll need for a complete workout at home.

Spending just 5 minutes a day stretching will keep your body flexible and prevent injury. Click here to learn how to build your own stretching routine. For a complete guide of stretches for your entire body, click here.

Exercising Outdoors In The Cold
If you prefer to brave the weather and workout outdoors, then you'll need to gear up. The most important factor to consider when you're heading outdoors to exercise on a cold cold day is how well insulated you are. Without the proper insulation around your body, you're putting yourself at risk for hypothermia, or too much heat loss. Here are some tips to keep your inner heat bottled up.

1. 50% of the heat lost when outdoors in the cold is from the head. Wear a hat to trap in your body heat. 
2. Wear several layers of clothing which will allow sweat to pass through, while at the same time keeping warmer dry air trapped close to the skin. (avoid heavy cotton and tightly woven material )
3. Wear gloves and an extra pair of socks.
4. Wear a scarf or mask over your mouth if temperatures plummet below 32 degrees F.

With a little advanced planning, and a healthy dose of self discipline, this could be the year that you come through the holiday season more fit and trim. 

For information on how to receive your own personal home exercise program under the guidance of a certified personal trainer, click here.

Article written by Joni Hyde. Joni is the mother of one child and a certified personal trainer specializing in women's fitness with over 13 years experience. For a complete home exercise routine under the guidance of a certified trainer, visit
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