Ways to Look Thinner: 30 Tips You Can Use Today

You can appear more slender, no matter what size you are. Here are 30 tips and techniques you can use right now: 

How to Dress to Look Thinner The type of clothes that will be most slende
rizing for you will depend on your particular body type. Are you heavier on the top or the bottom? Are you an hourglass or are you fairly straight from your shoulders to your knees? Once you have taken an inventory of your pluses and minuses, it is just a matter of emphasizing the positive and de-emphasizing the negative. Here are some tips for each body type. 

If you are heavier on the bottom:
- Even out your frame by using small shoulder pads.
- Wear dark pants or stockings.
- Experiment with vertical lines and patterns to create an up-or-down illusion.
- Wear long tops that go past your hips.
- Wear prints only on the top. 
- Look for jackets, tailored suits, and shirtwaist dresses with straight, classic cuts.

If you are heavier on the top: 
- Choose tops with a loose fit, which then slim down to hug the hips and waist. 
- Opt for thin fabrics, such as cotton or cotton jersey, which won't add bulk.
- Create an illusion of length by wearing one color, down to the shoes. 
- Choose long jackets without shoulder pads.
- Try a pleated skirt to bring the eye down to your lower half, and don't be afraid to wear shorter hem lengths.

If you are not-so-curvy:
- Wear patters to add dimension. 
- Accessorize! Draw attention to your face with colorful earrings and scarves. 

If you're an hourglass:
- Wear loosely draping fabrics that show off your figure. 
- Emphasize your waist with a belt. 
- Try a V-neck. 
- Celebrate your curves. Lots of women would love to be voluptuous. I, for one, encourage you to flaunt it (at the level you feel comfortable doing so, of course.) 

Slenderizing Tips for all Body Types:

- Stand tall, elongate your neck, and square your shoulders. Good posture and proper breathing are two of the quickest ways you can look and feel good, whether you're a size 2 or size 22.

- Instead of covering your neck with turtleneck tops and sweaters, which can make your face look wider), opt for V-neck tops and dresses that enhance your facial features. 

- Straight legged pants lend a more symmetrical, lean look than flared bell-bottoms. 

- If you are 5 feet 4 and under, look for dresses that hit just above or at the knee. 

- Try an empire waist for a clean, elongated look. 

- Experiment with eye-catching jewelry and accessories. Chunky beaded necklaces and bracelets can do amazing things to dress up an otherwise ordinary outfit – and they can make you feel more "put together," too. 

- To create the illusion of length, go monochromatic. If you have a black outfit, for example, and you wear a light-colored belt, you have just cut the visual line of your outfit in two. Each time you cut that visual line, it can make you look heavier. To minimize this effect, wear a dark belt and dark stockings with a dark outfit. Of course, it's no fun to dress all in one color (unless it's fuschia), so this is one rule that's meant to be broken. You can add funky accessories, such as handbags and bracelets, while maintaining the illusion of length. 

- Be careful with pleated pants, which tend to add bulk to the mid-section. 

- Try an A-line, which have always been popular for hiding those areas that cause the most concern for women. 

- When choosing a swimming suit, there are now lots of chic styles available that come with a skirt. If you feel more comfortable concealing your hips and thighs, do so. I started wearing a skirted suit years ago, and I love no longer feeling self-conscious at the pool or the beach. Plus, it gives me the flexibility to be active in my suit (which usually entails chasing my kids) without worrying about exposing myself. 

- Wear proper undergarments. There was a time when women had great difficulty finding appropriate-sized bras, but today there is a wide variety of sexy undergarments for all women who want to feel sensuous and comfortable all day long. Plenty of specialty stores will help you find just the right bra or even have your bra custom sized. Undergarments that fit right will make all the difference in your look, and they can make you feel more comfortable in the skin you're in. 

More Tips: 
Tips to Slenderize the Face using Makeup
Here are some makeup tips from the experts: 
If you have a round face, use a bronze powder (with a light touch) on your temples, cheekbones, and under the chin. Then take a lighter powder and apply it to the forehead, bridge of the nose, cheekbones, and chin.
Look Thinner for a Picture 
Position your body so you are at a slight angle to the camera. This is always more slenderizing than a pose that is straight on. Stand tall with your head slightly forward. 

The best way to look thinner is to know the basics of how to dress to maximize your strengths, and to dress so that you feel comfortable (and maybe even a little glamorous.) When you feel like you look great, your confidence will shine through, no matter what you're wearing.

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