Homemade Father's Day Gift: A Walking Stick for Dad

by Brenda Hyde

Rustic walking sticks that you find at craft fairs and shops are expensive and unique, but you can make your own with a little creativity and a few supplies.

Walking sticks make an unusual and fun gift for Father's Day!

You will need: 
A 5-6 foot branch/stick 
Stain or varnish 
rough sand paper
Find a branch that is unique and fairly straight. The length can be 5-6 foot, or slightly shorter. A stick with a curve at the top is also neat to use. This should be a stick that has fallen to the ground and is dead, not green. Look for a branch that has character!

Peel all of the bark off of the stick, scraping if necessary with a putty knife - nothing too sharp, you don't want to "carve" the stick.
After it's clean of bark, sand from top to bottom with a piece of rough sandpaper. It works well to tear the large piece of sandpaper in half, then fold once or twice. Get a good hold of the stick in your left hand and rub with the sand paper in your right hand until you get a nice finish over the entire stick. It doesn't have to be completely smooth - remember, you want it to have character.
Next, wipe off the stick with a clean cloth. Follow the directions on the can of stain or varnish and apply to the entire stick. Remember to do the very ends also. Allow to dry, and if you wish, you can apply a second coat. 

Lastly, create a small note card with your name, the date and a message to your Dad. Attach the note to the walking stick and you have a one of a kind gift that he will treasure always!

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