Fun Things to Do with Your Kids for Valentine's Day

by CJ Krebs

With Valentines Day approaching, many are wondering what fun things they can do with the kids. shares some great Valentine's Day ideas for crafts, games, and recipes.

"Pocket full of love"

What you need:
An old pair of jeans
Fillables - candy, fake flowers, etc
Writables - permanent marker, fabric paint, etc.

- Take an old pair of jeans and cut out the back pockets (keeping both sides of the pockets intact). Fill the pockets with candy, fake flowers or anything else you can think of.
- Decorate the outside of the pockets.
- Make a heart and write the words "Pocket Full Of Love" inside the heart with markers or fabric paint.
- Decorate as you like.

"Spoonfuls of Kisses"
What you need:
Plastic spoon
Two Hershey's Kisses
Cardstock or construction paper

(You may precut everything for the little kids)
- Trace a heart on the construction paper (fold construction paper in half first) or cardstock. 
- Punch a whole for the ribbon to tie on the spoon when it's done. 
- On your card, write "Here's a Spoonful of Love & Kisses."
- Place a couple of kisses in the bowl of the spoon and wrap with ribbon or tulle. Tie in a bow, to secure it. 
- Tie it to the card in the hole you punched out.

"Musical Hearts" 

This game is similar to musical chairs. Make a large red heart that a person can hold in both hands. Everyone stands in a circle. Someone then plays music (a popular friendship song, etc.). When the music starts, pass the paper heart clockwise. When the music stops - the person standing on the left of the person holding the heart is "out" and must exit the game. The game continues - until the last person remains holding the heart.  Give the winner a handful or box of candy!

"Valentine Sodas"
What you need: 
Strawberry ice cream 
Whipped cream 
1 teaspoon Strawberry preserves (optional)

Fill a tall glass with strawberry ice cream, about 3/4 full. Pour ginger-ale over the ice cream. Top with whipped cream and strawberry preserves. Serve with a spoon. 
Yum, yum! Kids love it!
CJ Krebs © 2001

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