Toddler Learning Activities

Toddlers: ever going, never tiring, always learning. So what are some fun and educational activities for your toddler? 

The good news is that toddlers are fairly easy to entertain so there’s no need to go out and spend a fortune or turn your house into an amusement park. 

Here are a few fun ideas:

Go for a nature walk – Educational yet lots of fun. Your toddler will love exploring and collecting different treasures to bring home. Point out big leaves or different colored plants or flowers. Collect opposites,  such as a small leaf and a big leaf  - or a small stick and a big stick. 

Take your time and have fun. Don’t worry if you don’t live near a nature reserve or park. A simple walk around your neighborhood will be sufficient. Your toddler won’t mind and there will still be lots for him to see. 

Bake Cookies – The bad news first, things will get messy. The good news, cooking is both fun and educational and even children as young as two can get involved. Depending on your toddler’s age, let her help and don’t worry too much about how the final product will look or even taste. As you’re mixing the ingredients tell your toddler what you’re doing. Name each ingredient and measurement out loud and, once you finish, enjoy your delicious homemade treats. 

Have Fun With Water - Fill a small tub with water and give your toddler several containers of different sizes. Let her pour water from one container to the other. You can even add some bubbles for extra fun. This is a fun activity that also helps build hand eye coordination. You can also place different objects in a tub and show your child how some of them float and others sink. 

Start a Photo Album – Make a photo album and fill it with pictures of your toddler, your family and extended family as well. This is especially good if your toddler has relatives who live far away. Talk about who each person is and where they come from or where they live. (More ideas on Scrapbooking for Children.) 

Paper Tearing or Cutting – Find a couple of old magazines or catalogues and let your toddler tear pages out, try to get her to tear small shapes or just let her have fun. If your toddler is a little older you can teach her how to use toddler scissors to cut out shapes. 

Toddlers are constantly learning. This is the perfect age for you to have fun with your child while helping them learn. And don’t think you have to do something too elaborate. Toddlers are easily pleased and will find wonder and amazement in even the smallest of things