Spice it Up: Tips for the Ultimate Intimate Dinner

We know how important it is to a healthy marriage to spend one-on-one time with our spouse.  We also know how hard it is to manage an evening at home--just the two of you. Here are some tips for taking advantage of that rare opportunity by hosting an intimate evening that you’ll both remember…all the way until next time.

Plan the evening at least one week in advance. That will give you plenty of time to think, fantasize, and talk to your partner. 
On the big day, give him a call on his cell phone or at the office. Let him know what you’ve been thinking about all week. Whether your phone call is explicit or subtle, it will get him thinking and fantasizing, too. 

Go shopping. If you are at home with the kids all day, order a new sexy outfit online. And even if you are absolutely certain that you know what your husband most wants to see you wear…ask him. From vamp to cowgirl to girl-next-door, his ideas and fantasies might surprise you.

The Menu
Keep it light. Go easy on rich meats, cheese, sauces, and desserts, so that you are still feeling sexy after the meal. Plan a menu of fruits and vegetables. Try new spices, which can be exotic and erotic. Aromatherapy can help set the mood, as well. Damiana from (Mothernature.com) is said to be an arousing essential oil.

Aroma is closely linked to mood. Take your time as you eat to savor the aromas and the mood you have created. Candlelight creates a diffuse glow. Soft, soothing music only adds to the mood.

Strawberries with chocolate sauce make a perfect dessert. Light. Delicious. Sensuous and visually stimulating. You might want to move the final course into the bedroom. 

A glass of wine or two can help lower your inhibitions and give you just the right frame of mind. Buy a pair of fine long-stemmed, wine glasses…something that makes you feel sexy as you hold the glass, massage the stem, and swirl the liquid inside.