The Smallest Things Mean Everything

by Catie Gosselin of

Summer has come full blast to New England, and with it, humidity that forces one's hair to triple in size. Some days it is like living in a steam bath.
When the weather becomes oppressive, it is hard to find motivation to do much of anything. Sticking one's head in the freezer for momentary relief is the highlight of the day.

This past weekend, however, we ventured out despite horrific humidity and on-again off-again showers. We spent the day at a cookout, playing mini-golf, riding bumper boats and watching the kids fly around inside a moon bouncer. Oh, of course, there was ice cream involved as well. 

So, there I was, playing mini-golf with my oldest, feeling like a faded daisy wrapped in a soggy sponge. As I'm complaining to myself and wondering if my feet could possibly hurt more, he looks up after sinking the ball with a huge missing-some-teeth grin and gives a thumbs up. I mean this kid was beaming, and heat exhaustion had nothing to do with it. I'm ready to keel over and he is having the time of his life on the putt-putt course.

We spent the whole afternoon puttering from one attraction to the next, weathered a downpour under a party tent, and went out for more. When it was time to come home, I gratefully trekked to the car, welcoming the frigid blast of the air conditioner.

Wondering whether I should bother throwing something together for dinner since we were all full of barbeque, I overheard my youngest tell my husband "I'm going to remember this day for the rest of my life!"

A day that felt like an obstacle course for me was utter bliss for the boys. It didn't matter that they were sweaty, sticky and tired. The moments of the day were all that mattered. That it was uncomfortable, hot and muggy had no affect on their enjoyment. What mattered was finally sinking a golf-ball after trying so many times, figuring out how to steer a bumper boat or the feeling of digging into a cold dish of coffee Oreo-cookie ice cream. It was a good day because small moments of pleasure were more important than any discomfort or obstacles. Everything else was incidental...kind of the way life should be.

Copyright 2001 Catie Gosselin
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