A Sacred Stillness

There is a sacredness that we find only in the stillness. The stillness I discover in the time just before my toddler falls asleep on my chest. The pattern on my blouse makes a crosshatch impression on her skin, pale and delicate as rice paper. This is the underlying stillness we find as we talk to other moms about their kids and realize that every mother adores her children with the intensity that we love our own. This is the stillness that makes it easy to cherish and elevate the role of mother. 

And then there are the not-so-still times, which comprise most of our days. The telephone ringing, the television blaring, the occasional (or not so occasional) whine, the endless ideas, relationships, and commitments tugging for our attention. 

This week, there have been continual reminders of the sacredness, the purity, and the blessedness of motherhood, starting here in my own body. This week, I felt the first budges and buzzes from the child growing inside. These create in me a constant state of wonder about the human body (could that really be the baby's leg I feel whacking against my abdomen in the middle of the night?) and the divine presence that makes such an event possible. Pregnancy, to my mind, is a course in miracles, practiced in the every day (I can say that only now that the constant nausea has subsided.) 

Now that I am starting to show a bit, I am amazed, as I was during my last pregnancy, how proud this body-conscious woman can be of her potbelly. I am certainly beginning to take on a more - how shall I say - feminine shape. And the simple act of patting my burgeoning belly makes me feel more powerful and giving and grateful, and yes, motherly. 

And then there has been the preparation for this month's public awareness campaigns: Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Domestic Violence Prevention Month. These are two issues that help us tune in to the essence of our own health and wellness and our crucial role in creating a positive example for our children to follow through their adult years. Issues such as these call our attention to the importance of good parenting 

And then there have been your emails. Your contributions to our question "What Do You Love About Motherhood"  have been inspirational, insightful, and thought-provoking. My heart does a little leap when I read these well-crafted words from moms all over the world, a testimony to the universality of our maternal instincts and emotions. 

This week, we recognize Breast Cancer Awareness Month with two articles "How to Do a Self-Exam" at and "What to Do When Someone You Know Has Been Diagnosed with Breast Cancer", as well as links to more information on testing and treatment. 
Also, we mark Domestic Violence Prevention with information, updated daily, from the Family Violence Prevention Fund. Each day, you'll see a button at http://www.momscape.com featuring a new question. Get informed and learn how you can help your family, your friends, and perhaps even yourself, by clicking the question and reading the answers each day. 

Also this week, read more inspirational quotes from other moms at "Why do You Love Motherhood," and don't forget to add your own. Also, stop by the Freebies for Moms section to see our new updates.