Miniature Rocket Experiment


Try this fun rocket made from recycled film canisters. It's a craft and science experiment wrapped into one, and it's a perfect Fourth of July backyard activity!

You will need: 
Alka Seltzer tablets  (or store-brand equivalent)
Fuji empty film canisters with lids (the clear white variety). 
The first step is having your child decorate his "rocket." All tape must be away from the lid area, so the top won't be obstructed in any way. Work with the cap or top of the canister at the bottom. Your child can make a cone to put on the top of the canister, so it looks like a rocket. Decorate the cone before taping onto the canister, then tape in place. Another option is to cut little "fins" for each side of the rocket and tape in place.
When the canister is decorated, you will be ready to add the "fuel." This is where the science experiment comes in. You will need to add water and a part of the Alka-Seltzer tablet to the canister and seal it with the lid. How much? Have each person guess what amounts may work. The amount that usually works the best is 1/4 tablet added to the canister 1/4 filled with water. 

Add the tablet and water, put on the lid, and place the rocket cap down on the ground. Now wait. In a couple of minutes, the rocket will shoot up in the air from the pressure of the tablet creating gas in the canister.

You can do this experiment over and over, though your paper may need to be replaced after awhile.

Note: You can inquire at film developing studios or store film departments and they may give you a bag of Fuji canisters. Just ask!

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