Time Boosters for the Busy Woman: The Portable Office

by Mari Peckham

It is a task in itself for today's modern woman to juggle all of her responsibilities and commitments and to keep track 
of everything that she needs to do. Simple planning can keep you on top of it all, and even allow you some time for

Here are a few time boosters that will allow you to stay organized and more efficient.

* A carry along bag can act as an "on-the-go" office, purse, and more. Make sure that you purchase a bag with roomy dividers to enable you to find things with ease.

* The essential appointment book. It should have a daily calendar to keep track of commitments and appointments, plus an address and phone number section for important contact information. I have a Palm Pilot and it has been worth every cent that I spent on it and more.

* Prioritized "to-do" lists for work and home. 

* Paper work that you can do while you are away from your desk.

* Trade publications, articles or other reading material. Print out newsletters and ezines for a quick read.

* Pens, pencils, highlighter, and a notepad.

* Index cards for jotting down ideas or notes.

* Envelopes, stamps, and post-it notes.

* Pre-stamped post cards for quick correspondence.

* Thank you notes.

* Assorted greeting cards.

* Paper clips, small stapler, scissors and tape.

It is amazing what you can get done in the time it takes to  wait for a doctor's appointment, during a child's soccer  practice, or even in a long line at the grocery store. Make sure that the supplies that you keep in your portable office stay put so that next time you are out and about and have a few minutes to kill, you can make the most of it!
© 2000 Mari Peckham
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