Finding the Perfect Gift: How to Pick the Perfect Gift for Anyone on Your List

by Darlene Bishop

Christmas is fast approaching and the stores and virtual malls will soon be full of well-intentioned shoppers looking for that perfect gift. Be it for your soul-mate, distant cousin or boss, finding the right gift can be a chore when you don't know where to begin.

If you're like me, you probably get tired of giving the same old thing every single year. A tie for Dad, a scarf for Mom, a baseball bat for brother Bill and a new CD for little sister. With a few simple tips and some online assistance, gift-giving can be a rewarding experience this year and a highly anticipated adventure in years to come. Find new
excitement for a sometimes tiring, often stressful experience without investing more time or money than you can afford. 


There is a simple online tool that will help you choose the ideal gift for everyone on your list without breaking the Christmas Club account. This easy-to-use interface will make you the hit of the office party and the highlight of every family gift-giving event. Your friends and loved ones will think you're the most talented and insightful person they know -- you always select just the right present. By next Christmas, everyone will be hoping you draw their name for the gift exchange! You don't even have to share this little tip if you choose not to... after all, Christmas is a time for secrets!

So, how can you become the family darling and your boss's pet? Simply click on over to

Once there, you can select your recipient's "Interest," the "Occasion," and a "Personality" trait. You can even select more than one item in each category by holding down the "Ctrl" key while you click, though it's a good idea to limit a couple of the fields by clicking on "Restrict." You don't want your search results to be too broad.

When you've completed these three sections, click on "Go" and you'll see three more options from which to choose. "Sex/Age," "Occupation," "Lifestyle." Make your choices in these boxes, as well, then click "Results."
You'll be given a list of creative, original gift ideas that will make the other employees and family members -- who didn't use the "Perfect Present Picker" -- drool with envy. What a coup!

For my search, I decided to look for a gift for my sister. I chose the following options:

Interest: Christianity [restricted] 
Occasion: Christmas [restricted] 
Personality: Creative, Dreamer, Feminine, Intelligent

Then clicked "Go." On the second screen, I selected:

Sex/Age: Female 47 to 64 
Occupation: Artistic 
Lifestyle: Conservative, Small Town

I clicked "Results" and the Perfect Present Picker came up with a list of several items that I know she would love. Some of the suggestions included a variety of angels (which she is crazy about!), such as chocolate angels, angel Christmas tree-toppers, angel pens, and even child-sized angel wings. (You might do well to restrict the age.) There were also some attractive pieces of jewelry and decorative household pieces. All in all, I was very pleased with the results.

You can choose to see images of the suggested items or simply text. The images are nice if you plan to buy from And while the idea is, of course, to get you to purchase items from them, it's not mandatory. You will have still created a list of possible gifts that would be appropriate for the person for whom you're buying. 

The system isn't foolproof -- it came up with several pieces of jewelry, which my sister doesn't wear -- but there are a lot of options from which to choose, you can tune and refine your search, and it's a great place to start looking for the elusive "perfect gift." It's also great to let someone else do the brainwork and you take the credit for picking the perfect present! Remember... it's our little secret! Right?

About the Author:
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