Homemade Beauty Products: All-Natural Indulgences

“Natural” is the buzzword in the beauty biz these days. Cosmetic labels brandish the products' natural ingredients in bold face type, but the list of ingredients often tells a different story.

Take control of your own beauty regimen with these natural indulgences. Preparing your own beauty treatments and pampering packages is an affordable alternative to your favorite store-bought brands. And, since many of these recipes contain only ingredients found in most kitchen cupboards, they’re perfect for those times when you have an unexpected fifteen minutes to yourself.

Just remember, these homemade treatments don’t contain the preservatives their store-bought counterparts do, so, in many cases, you’ll want to make them fresh before each use.

The following sites will keep you in pampered bliss for weeks: 

The National Honey Board
As a natural humectant, honey is a main ingredient in a variety of home beauty treatments. This site features a number of indulgent homemade beauty preparations, from cleansing scrubs and hair conditioners to facial masks and moisturizing lotions.

Pioneer Thinking
This site, devoted to natural living, features a vast collection of home beauty preparations. Pamper yourself with a peach facial. Meanwhile, cruise the site for home beauty recipes related to skin and hair care as well as information on aromatherapy and more bath time pleasures. The ingredients in these preparations can be found at your nearest grocery store.

Kitchen Cosmetics
Browse skin and hair care, as well as recipes for make-up and nail care, even homemade deodorants. Don’t miss the lip gloss recipes under the make-up section. Many of this site’s preparations require essential oils and herbs that you may not have in your cupboard, but they aren’t hard to find. Try MotherNature.com for these more exotic ingredients.

A database of more than 100 natural beauty recipes covering everything from cosmetics to hair removal. Pregnant mommies, don’t miss the “belly balm.” If you haven’t found the all-natural beauty product you’ve been searching for, chances are you’ll find it here. 

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