Natural Cleaning Products

Why are natural cleaning products important?

What happens to the household cleaners that you wash down your drain or throw away?  They can contaminate our groundwater and our soil.
Even while still in the home, they can affect our health and the health of our children and pets. The statistics are rather staggering -- so staggering that some scientists and physicians have come to the conclusion that the rise in asthma and allergies in our society is a direct result of household cleaners and the toxins in our environment.

Fortunately, many of the effects are reversible.  We can renew our environment and improve our health with one simple commitment.  The bonus is that the solution is also cost effective—you’ll save money.

The solution is homemade natural household cleaners.

Whether you want to make a significant personal contribution to the environment, you want to ensure the health and safety of your family and pets, or you simply want to save money, natural household cleaners are a great way to go.

The challenge to homemade cleaners is, first, deciding what you want to make/clean and then finding a tried-and-true recipe.

Organizing the process 
For each recipe provided in this series, you'll want to choose a storage solution that fits the need.  If you’re making an abrasive, then use a container that has a sprinkle top (a top with holes in it) so that you can best utilize the cleaner.  For a spray cleaner, you can purchase a spray bottle at your local grocer for about 50 cents.  A label maker or a black Sharpie® marker works well to keep all cleaners identified and safe. 

To make the entire process easier, we’re going to break the cleaners down into categories, provide a few trusted recipes, and offer suggestions for how to store and utilize each cleaner.
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Natural Air Fresheners

Basic All-Purpose Cleaners

Natural Furniture Polish

Natural Laundry Detergent

Natural Stain Removers

Natural Metal Cleaners and Polishes

Natural Carpet Cleaners

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