Why a Mother's Happiness Matters

by Janice L. Campbell

With all the responsibilities that come with being a mother, can we really expect to be happy? Maybe we're asking for too much. And yet, happiness is important. We are told that happiness benefits not only individuals, but communities and the greater society. Studies also show that happiness creates higher incomes, stronger relationships, more friends, deeper social interactions, greater self-confidence, better physical health and a longer life.

We may have thought our happiness had to be put on hold, but we still want it for our children. We try to pick the best preschool, feed them the healthiest food, arrange play dates and pretty much do everything we can to make sure they have all those things that happiness brings. But what if we're missing the point? What if there is a more direct route to assure our child's success and happiness in life? There is, and that's your own happiness.

Our love for our children is so deep that we often fear that if we focus on our own happiness we may be taking something away from them. This is a scarcity thought based on the belief that there is only so much good to go around. It reminds me of the concept how could I ever love my second child as much as my first? But if you have more than one child, you know that love is expansive and you have more than enough for both or three, four or twelve. We live in an abundant universe.

Part of our job as a parent is to teach our children about the world they live in. Einstein once said there is only one important question in life, "Is the Universe that we live in friendly or unfriendly?" Ask yourself, am I having a good time being here? Do I feel safe, secure and happy? Your answer to that question impacts your child because you are the filter through which they perceive the world. Once your child moves out of your house and beyond your direct influence, the world becomes their home and whether they believe it to be friendly or unfriendly will greatly affect the quality of their life.

Your children are constantly looking to you for permission on how good their life can be. They are naturally filled with joy, but how much are they allowed to live? We are not going to allow our children to be happier than we allow ourselves to be. As you grow and expand your capacity for joy, your children are freed up. Yet, if you begin to contract and shrink, a lid gets put on their joy. Notice how your child's level of happiness reflects your moods. If being happy and joyful is a priority of yours, your children will naturally maintain a higher level of happiness.

When you're happy, your children like to be around you. You're nicer, you're easier to be with and you're more fun. This may not sound appealing when your children are very young and you can't get a second to yourself, but very soon you'll be grateful for that strong connection you have with your child. When my oldest son was born, my Mom said, "You're going to have so much fun with him." I remember being taken aback a little by the comment. I hadn't really thought of the fun part of raising my son. My mind was so focused on having all the proper baby supplies, reading all the how to books and making sure that I knew how to do everything 'right.'

Yet, the gift of parenting goes beyond getting it 'right.' As parents, we are incredibly blessed to live with and witness the development spiritually, emotionally and physically of another human being. You're at the beginning of the journey. Enjoy it, savor it. And if you do, you will have the luxury of living without regrets.

About the author:
Janice Campbell is the mother of 3 children; a 14 year old son, an 11 year old son and an 8 year old daughter. She is the author of the book Receive Your Life: A Life of Purpose and Prosperity. She is also a life coach and specializes in helping people live an authentic and prosperous life. To sign up for our free inspiration of the week go to http://www.receiveyourlife.com

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