Whack Back

Do you ever feel like a whacked mole? 

mommies, I'm sure you all know the laugh riot of Whack-a-Mole. Every Chuck E. Cheese in America has at least one--the game where unsuspecting moles pop out of the countertop only to be smacked by a mallet.

Sometimes it feels like we just get our head out of the ground from one crisis when we get popped with another one. 

This month, the mallet came in many forms. A personal injury lawsuit. A move that almost happened but didn't quite. Recovery from surgery. Feuding family members. 

Most of us probably suffer the same degree of difficulty in this world, so I'm sure you all had your own mallets this month.  

Last week, I wrote about the fact that, as hubs of the family wheel, mommies have a responsibility to keep on rolling. Then I got an email telling me I'm not just the hub of one wheel, I'm a spoke on many more wheels. And the motion of one sure helps spur the motion of the rest. Just goes to show that women have a remarkable ability to come together and help one another. 

Now, if you've ever played Whack-A-Mole, you know that the worst thing that can happen is when more than one mole pops up at any one time. You freeze for a moment because you're suddenly not so sure where to whack.

So when the forecast calls for a steady stream of big, heavy mallets, there's really only one thing to do. 

Call your friends and whack back.