Expecting Miracles

by Catie Gosselin

I never liked bumper stickers bearing the slogan 'expect miracles'. They struck me as pompous, as if the owner felt they 'deserved' to be showered in blessings by virtue of their faith or their existence.

Lately, though, I've been rethinking my take on this. Looking back over the thirty something years of my life, I can see time after time, when faced with a crisis of minimal or biblical proportions, some unexpected curveball of a blessing pops up out from left field. I never see them coming, but every time, they are there. The blessings can be something as small as hearing a phrase that sticks in my head so long that it reveals a new perspective. It can something as big as finding funds for an unexpected major car repair. (If you've never experienced the joy of being stranded with kids and without a functional car, trust me, this blessing is a big deal.)

No matter what the situation, no matter how bad it seems, things just have a way of floating on. Every time. I guess it has happened often enough that I can let go of my skepticism. Life works out without me being at the wheel every minute. I can take a deep breath, hand my fears over, and just go with whatever happens, trusting that
I'll land on my feet. Every time.

To me, the word miracles has connotations of the heavens opening up, rays of sunlight filtering down and a chorus of angels singing. That just isn't the way it works. In the real world, miracles are small, unobtrusive treasures that change everything, once you stop stumbling around and see them. It is all in letting go of a personal blue print for how things should work out. Miracles accompany the huge exhalation as you say 'I'm done, just let it play out'.

For every crisis, for every disappointment, for every inconvenience, for every betrayal, there is a miracle. Expect it.

copyright 2001
About the author:
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