The Love Focus

by Robert Elias Najemy 

Daily positive projection will help us cultivate feelings of openness and love with the people and situations we have had difficulty remaining open to until now. We can bring five positive qualities of that person to our mind as we create a positive image of that person, then send him or her love and light, and imagine ourselves approaching him or her with love.

The following positive projection, the love focus, is an excellent way to increase our love. It can be employed once or twice a day for a few months at least. It can be used by itself or as a preparation for meditation, relaxation or prayer.

This is one of the most important positive projections that can be performed.

It develops our ability to love more widely and more deeply without conditions. It focuses on others, ourselves and God. It is best done on a daily basis.

a. Let the spine be straight and the body comfortable. 

b. Relax the body and mind with your eyes closed, breathing slowly and deeply as you allow the muscles and nerves to relax.

c. Count backwards from 10 to 1, relaxing more deeply with each count.

d. Now bring into your mental focus a being who is for you a frame of reference for the most intense opening of love you have experienced until now in your life. As you bring this being into your mind, remember the moment you had felt that greatest opening of love. Remember the love, affection, caring, joy, gratitude, and total acceptance you felt in this being’s presence.

e. Now allow this being’s image to disappear from your mind, while maintaining that opening and those feelings. Then bring to mind a person who is presently participating in your life and allow yourself to feel the same feelings of love toward this person. Allow yourself to love him or her with the same intensity and wholeness.

f. Allow this image to fade and bring in another. In this way, bring various persons to mind and feel for them the same love opening.

g. Bring your own body and personality into your mental focus and feel the same love and acceptance for yourself. Feel gratitude toward your body for all the services it performs for you, and acceptance toward your personality for all its efforts in life.

h. Bring to mind a person who has harmed you in some way or toward whom you have difficulty being open and loving. Allow yourself to feel the same opening toward him or her. (If you have difficulty here, bring five positive qualities of that person to mind.)

i. Bring God into your mind as you imagine God to be, as a form, light, a universal being, energy or consciousness. Allow yourself to feel an opening of love toward this universal being (with or without form.) You might also feel gratitude or other feelings.

j. Open your heart and mind to receive an inflow of grace, love and light from the Divine being. Allow this energy to fill all of your being.

k. Remain in this light connection as long as you enjoy it.

From the book "Relationships of Conscious Love" by Robert Elias Najemy.

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