How Satisfied Are You With Your Life?
Four Things All Women Want to Attract

by Orly Katz

Take this Life Satisfaction Quiz to find out how you can raise your level of satisfaction and attract the things you truly want in your life.

"Why aren't I happy? I've got a successful husband, two wonderful children, a jeep, an au pair, and a great corporate job. So why aren't I happy!? Worse than that, I've lost every ounce of enthusiasm and energy. Nothing inspires or motivates me any more. I don't even know at this point what I want out of life."
A recent survey of thousands of women of all types and backgrounds – married women, single women, mothers, elderly women, businesswomen, managers, office workers, and service providers – included one sensitive question: "What would make you satisfied and content with your life?"
You might be surprised to learn that the conclusions drawn from the survey added nothing new to what we've known all along. The things we most desire in our lives are the things that always seem to lie outside our grasp. The survey results were further evidence that women aspire to four ideals in their lives which, for them, are the keys to satisfaction and contentment:
Time. The pressures of our daily environment obscure everything else. We've got no time to breathe.
Balance. Women seek balance between their work and their personal lives. They want to succeed at work without missing out on a life! They want warm, loving families at the same time they hold satisfying jobs.
Control. Women want control over themselves, over time, and over their future finances.
Purpose. Women want a reason to get up in the morning. They want to bring about change, to contribute, and to feel a sense of purpose. Women want to fill themselves with energy, passion, and a drive to do the things they truly believe in.
And what about you?
What is missing from your life? Are you attracting into your life what you really, truly want? Which of the four elements have you managed to achieve, and which are still out of your reach?
In short, do you control your life, or does your life control you?

In my book, I present women with six very simple and effective codes for applying the Law of Attraction in their lives.
Here's a peek at the first code, The Identification Code.
The Identification Code helps you define your current situation and identify what needs improvement in order to attract what you really want from life.
The following questionnaire will help you identify your current real situation in every aspect of your life. It will give you some idea about the areas where you should begin to make changes to raise your level of satisfaction and attract the things you truly desire.
How satisfied with your life are you at the moment?
(Or: Identify if you're attracting the things that you really want)
How true are each of these statements about your life?
3 = usually, 2 = sometimes, 1 = hardly ever


Job and Career

  • It's a pleasure to get up each morning. I feel my work has meaning.
  • Whenever I feel the time has come to advance professionally, I act on it.
  • I feel I've fulfilled myself professionally.


  • My partner accepts and supports my ideas and initiatives.
  • There is understanding and intimacy in my relationship with my partner.
  • When there are problems in our relationship, my partner and I talk it over and find a solution.

Personal Growth and Development

  • I devote no less time and thought to myself as I do to others; I take the time to analyze what is best for me.
  • When I'm struck with the desire to learn something, I follow through on it.
  • I'm always engaged in some project involving learning or personal development.

Body and Appearance

  • I accept, even love, my body just the way it is.
  • When people admire my clothes or hairstyle, I know their compliments are justified.
  • I accept age-related changes – such as weight gain, wrinkles, and grey hair – with love.

Free Time and Hobbies

  • Despite my long list of chores, I know when to say, "Stop," take a break, and pamper myself.
  • I sometimes find myself so engrossed in something I enjoy doing that I lose track of time.
  • I exercise regularly and feel great about it.


  • After getting together with friends, I feel happy and confident.
  • I have no problem sharing my successes with my friends because they give me great feedback.
  • When I need someone I can talk to or ask for help, I've always got friends I can depend on.


  • Money worries do not keep me up at night. 
  • Generally, I'm satisfied with my/my family's financial situation.
  • I handle unexpected expenses fairly easily because I've got savings.


  • I'm satisfied with my parenting skills.
  • I know how to set limits for my children and feel comfortable about doing so.
  • I accept my children as they are and encourage them to do what they love.

Add up the points in each area, and analyze how satisfied you are, using the following key:

3-4 points:
You are not at all satisfied with this area of your life! In this area, you are actually attracting just what you don't want into your life. Rather than achieving the inner peace and quiet you seek in this area, you find only disappointment. Try to think about what's not working and how you can change something that's within your power to change, something that would make you more satisfied. Counseling or coaching might be helpful in this area. Together with a professional, you can analyze the situation in depth, get a clear picture of your current state, identify your aspirations, and outline an action plan to bridge the gap between the here-and-now and the future you envision.
5-7 points: You're occasionally or moderately satisfied with this area of your life. There's always room for improvement, so don't compromise on your ambitions. Check out what works for you in this area. How can it be expanded to increase your satisfaction? Perhaps you can hone a few skills, such as setting goals, becoming more assertive, or relinquishing some control. Greater satisfaction may be just around the corner, a lot easier to reach than is seems at the moment. Whatever you do, don't give up. Start acting!
8-9 points: You're in great shape in this area. You're satisfied with how you operate, you're doing the rights things, and you feel good. Moreover, you value these things. Keep up the good work and take a look at what you're doing right in this area. Perhaps, using the "duplication principle," you'll be able to apply what works so well here to areas where your score was not quite as high.
And there's no getting around a little homework…
After analyzing each of these areas, take a look at which ones had the three lowest scores. These are the areas in which you are least satisfied and are probably not attracting what you truly want. What conclusion can you draw?
For each of these three low-scoring areas, decide on one thing you're going to do, this very week, to make you feel better. Write them down.

This week, I'm going to…
Remember: "Yesterday's dream is today's hope and tomorrow's reality." It's never too late to change and to make your dreams come true.
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