Honor Your Children

by Julie Jordan Scott
Honor your children.
Has a different ring to it, doesn't it?

We have historically heard that phrase in regards to children honoring their parents. I agree with that as well. Children should honor their parents.

And I also strongly believe that the best way to teach our children to honor others is to honor them.

Merriam Webster defines "Honor" in this way: an evidence or symbol of distinction. When you honor your children, you are recognizing and setting apart what it is in them that makes them special. Being sincere with your respect towards them will bring them to a higher understanding of your values and ideals.

Simple ways to honor your children include:

1. Tailor consequences for negative behavior to each child and his/her unique situation. Some children do not respond to a time out. Some children respond by taking away privileges. Some children wither with only a stern facial expression. Be alert to each child and take action accordingly.

2. Spend special, one on one time with each child. Pronounce at least one half hour per week with each child one on one and treat that time as sacred to do something special. Maybe you will play a game together or make a craft or prepare a meal. The other children need to respect this sacred space for each child.

3. Create meaningful rituals which involve the family as a whole asking for the children's input in their creation and implementation.

4. Hold regular family meetings, not only during times of crisis or large change. My eldest daughter knew I was pregnant the last time because "the only time we have family meetings is when you get pregnant!"

5. Create a family mission or purpose statement. Craft it together and revisit it on occasion to be sure it is still relevant. Post it in a visible place so all the family members can see it daily.

6. Discuss important issues in current events and ask children to ask any questions they have. If you are not comfortable answering that particular question, honor your child by stating the exact situation as it is occurring for you. Don't simply brush it off, be honest and authentic.

7. If you make mistakes (as we all do!) ask for forgiveness from your child. This is very powerful AND rewarding. Remember this when your child asks YOU for forgiveness.

8. Listen completely to your child. Teach your child to wait if you are in the middle of something that cannot be interrupted so you can give 100% attention during the conversation.

9. Include children in your workplace or business as much as possible. Take advantage of corporate "take your child to work days". Introduce them to your co-workers. Include them in family events so they can link your work with something tangible.

10. Speak to your child according to his/her love language. You may think you are communicating your love and honor to your child only to find years later nothing sunk in. It is like speaking German to a Spanish speaking person. If you are unsure of your child's love language, reading a book such as The Five Love Languages of

Children would be extremely helpful. Read a review here: http://www.lalecheleague.org/NB/NBMayJun00p104.html

What would have happened in your life if you were treated by your parents as if you wore a distinctive brand simply because you are who you are?

How would your attitudes, actions, profession and demeanor be different?

Imagine the increased quality of life when you are respected, listened to, cherished and made to feel as if you matter.

Now create that for your family. Honor your children today.

About the Author:
Julie Jordan Scott is a Personal Success Coach who left her career as a government bureaucrat and built a successful business in less than six months. She now combines mothering 4 children with inspiring people worldwide with her books, ezine, teaching and personal coaching. Visit http://www.5passions.com for free resources for your success! Mailto:julie@5passions.com or call 661.325.4116