8 Easy Homemade Anniversary Gift Ideas

When you make a gift for your anniversary (or to commemorate someone else's anniversary), you show the recipient that he or she is worthy of your time, money, and energy. Plus, you'll showcase your creative skills and save money on the present.)

Here are eight easy homemade anniversary gift ideas for your husband, your wife, or a couple. Choose one from the list below, or combine them to make something truly meaningful.

Gifts for your husband
A catch-all tray. Men have lots of things they carry in their pockets that need to be emptied at the end of each day. If your husband tends to misplace his wallet or keys, give him a space where he can put everything at the end of the day. Look at craft stores for plain wooden boxes or ceramic trays that can be decorated in any way that you see fit.

A cookie bouquet. Nothing says a love you like a bunch of homemade cookies displayed in a unique way. Make three different batches of cookies. Let the cookies cool and then place sturdy dowels in the cookies to make a bouquet. Bind them together with ribbon and then place them in a masculine looking jar or vase.

A book of coupons for him. This gift is sweet and sentimental. Create coupons on your computer for one free backrub, a night off dish duty and other specialty coupons. Since you’re creating it for an anniversary, you could make the coupons romantic, or do a mix of practical and romantic coupons.

Gift for your wife
A romantic dinner. Instead of taking your wife out for a night on the town, try making dinner yourself. Search through cookbooks and find a simple, but elegant meal that you can prepare yourself. Get her out of the house for the day so you can surprise her. Set the table to set the mood and don’t forget the candles!

Homemade bath salts. A project like this may scare some men away, but it’s actually easier than it sounds. Use three parts Epsom salt and two parts baking soda. Add in some essential oil and plain food coloring and distribute the scent and color evenly by stirring the mixture with a spoon. Store the salts in a sealed container.

A book of coupons for her. This idea is so good for anniversaries, it’s worth mentioning twice. Your wife will appreciate a foot rub, a night out with her girlfriends, a special dinner, a half hour of listening and other unique coupons just from you!

Gifts for a couple
A customized CD. Create a CD or mp3 playlist that chronicles the couple’s time together. You can include songs from the year they were married and any other big milestone years for them (like having a baby or buying a house). Create a customized CD cover on your computer with the couple's photograph picture, and then list the songs and the year they hit #1 on the back of the CD cover.

A photo montage. Collect pictures of the couple throughout the years, dating back to when they were children. Use a photo editing program on your computer to arrange the pictures in an 8X10 space. Crop the pictures so you can fit a lot of smaller pictures in the same space. Have it printed out at your local photo printer and then purchase a frame. If that sounds too time consuming, SeeHere makes photo gifts like this a snap.