Handprint Flowers Craft

This is a fun springtime craft, and great for giving to grandma! 
Handprint Flowers

You’ll need:

Yellow or pink construction paper for the flowers
Green construction paper for the leaves 
Scotch tape

Trace each child’s hand onto a piece of construction paper and cut out the hand shape, rounding off the bottom of the hand. 

Once cut, shape the bottom of the hand into a cone shape leaving a small gap for the straw to go through. Tape together. 

Using a pencil ,curl down the “flower fingers” so they don’t stick straight up. Insert the straw through the flower secure it to the base of the flower with tape. 

Cut out a few green petals and tape to straw as well. 

Then make a homemade vase for your handprint flowers: Paint or wrap an empty toilet paper roll and decorate to your liking. Using a piece of construction paper, cut a circle to fit around the bottom of the toilet paper roll (stick it to the roll using a little bit of tape). When finished place your flowers in your vase and display!