Seven Simple Steps for a Super Halloween Party - Step One: Invitations

All it takes is a “Boo” and a giggle and Halloween sky rockets to the top in a list of favorite holidays.

The costumes, the spooky fun, the crafts, games, and of course the treats make this holiday perfect for throwing a party. Best of all, with a little imagination your party can be as spooky or tame as you want it to be and everyone will be guaranteed a good time.

There are several keys to a great party including:
• Invitations
• Decorations
• Music
• Food
• Games and activities
• Crafts
• Goodie Bags

In order to pull it all together, careful planning and organization are required. To make your party as easy as possible, we’ve broken down each facet of your party into suggestion, tips, and tools.

Step One: The Invitations And Party Theme
What kind of party are you going to have? If you have little ones, then a pumpkin theme or something equally cute and non-frightening will be more appropriate.

If you have older children, you can lean toward the spooky side with witches, werewolves, mummies and the like.

Children in the middle, ages 8-11, find happy footing in the world of wizards, dragons, and all things magic.
Pumpkin Theme Party Invitations:
Make invitations yourself with orange paper and black overlays. Scary, fancy, funny, and downright crazy pumpkin clip art can be found online. Use the clip art to create your own unique pumpkin themed invitations.

Taking a Walk on the Dark Side: Older children like scarier parties and you can have fun with the invitations. Mail a small box to attendees and inside it place a rubber rat, a rubber eyeball, or even a rubber severed finger with the details of the party details on a piece of paper inside.

Not quite ready to get that gross? Consider sending an audio invitation by taping scary music and a creepy voice that invites your guests to a gruesome time they won’t soon forget.

Magic Wonderland: Many children find themselves somewhere between wanting to be scared and clinging to their parents pant legs. Magic is the perfect solution. Whether you venture into the world of knights, dragons, and wizards or actually into the world of illusions and magic tricks, the magic theme is a safe middle ground.

Invitations can be wizard hats, spell books, or magicians’ hats, easy to make with black construction paper and the details printed on back.

Other possible themes include:
• Egyptian Temple
• Spirits and Ghosties
• Pirates
• Scarecrows
• Or Silly Monsters

Once your theme is chosen and your invitations made and sent, it’s time to move onto the decorations!

Step Two: Decorating For Your Halloween Party >