Fourth of July Crafts

4th of July Spinners

If possible, recruit an older child or teenager to help with this project. This will leave you free to socialize with your guests and enjoy your Fourth of July Party

Craft materials:
- Plastic coffee lids, (red, white, and blue colors). You’ll need one for each child and a few to spare in case accidents occur.
- Pens
- Scissors
- String

Step 1. Have children poke a hole in the center of their lid.

Step 2. Using a pen, have each child draw a spiral on their lid starting at the center and working their way to the outer edge. Ideally the spiral should be about ½ inch wide.

Step 3. Have the children but along the spiral, starting at the outside edge is easier. Be careful not to cut through the hole in the center.

Step 4. Loop the string through the center hole, knot the string, and hang the spinners from a tree or window.

Optional step: If coffee can lids are not an option, you can use colored paper plates. Additionally you can have the children decorate the lids or plates with glitter, stickers, colored glue. Just let your imagination fly.