Finding Your Spirit

by Jacqueline McLaughlin Hale

According to [BetweenFriends']  recent site poll, 43 percent of you want to read more about "Finding Your Spirit." It surpassed body image issues by more than 10 percent and learning or "mind development" by more than 20 percent. Books on bestseller lists support this message, as do talk shows such as Oprah.

It seems our souls are hungering for attention, nurturing and just plain ole recognition. But why?  What's happened? Why have we become a people who have obviously neglected our spirits for so long that now that they are crying out to be found and to be heard?  Where do we look? How do we listen?

Our forefathers spent their days just trying to survive. Before cars, grocery stores, heat, and plumbing they were consumed with providing food and protection for their families. Life was tough.  People died young. Mortality rates were high. Loss
was commonplace.

Technology, medicine and science had not "advanced."  So when our ancestors couldn't find answers or when they simply didn't understand they turned inward.  Turning inward gave them faith. At times, that's probably all that pulled them through. They spoke with their souls everyday. They listened to the responses. Our forefathers didn't question the messages they received. They trusted them. It seems they "heard" their spirits.

In some ways, life is not so different today. For the most part we have food and protection but we too are consumed with survival. In this age of corporate downsizing, high crime rates, and an ever increasing cost of living we concern ourselves with a different kind of survival, yet survival nonetheless.

We enjoy significant advances in technology, medicine and science. They have allowed us to live longer and to seemingly understand more. But our advances in these areas seem to have cost us the intimacy we once had with our souls. Our belief in intuition and hunches was replaced by a belief in science and all of the answers that it provided. Today, we find ourselves smarter and more evolved than our ancestors could have ever hoped to be but there's still a lot we don't understand. We don't have all of the answers.  
That missing information seems to have brought us full circle. We've progressed exponentially; yet once again we are longing to look inward to help us make sense out of all we can't figure out with science. We are searching for a quality of life that can only be created by our spirits and through our spirits---and we know it! But we think we must first "find" them, again.

The irony is, you don't need to find your spirit; it's been there all along! You just need to listen to it. It doesn't speak with words. It communicates through feelings, intuition, and on occasion, through overwhelming and indescribable joy! 

It's easy enough to recognize. It is goodness and all that is positive in your life. It is fun and childlike. To tune into it relearn how to trust yourself and the many urges, little voices,  and gut feelings you have every day and dismiss as unscientific. Stop dismissing them. Pay attention! The more you listen the easier it will become to hear. It's like building up a muscle in your body.  Use it and it gets stronger.

So, just for today, have some fun. Commit to yourself and to your spirit that you'll "hear" what it has to say. Follow its instructions, wherever they may lead you. Go with your gut feelings. Act on your hunches. Consider the little voices. Don't question.  Trust…and it will change your life forever!

About the Author:
Jacqueline McLaughlin Hale is a CPA and the editor of Between Friends: Living Life Your Way ( Between Friends is a website dedicated to helping women balance their responsibilities so that they can make more time for themselves. It does this by providing tips, tricks and tools for household hints, parenting, money matters and self-improvement. It also offers a FREE monthly ezine: The Balanced Woman. Visit today!