Elegant Bows for Easy Holiday Decor

by Amanda Formaro http://www.familycorner.com

Holiday decorating is easier than you think. By using bows, fashioned from inexpensive ribbons, your house, whether inside or out, can be festive and inviting!

With a simple shoelace bow and a little maneuvering, you too can add these lovely elegant touches to your home's decor.
Creating a Centerpiece Bows can dress up the plainest of items. Here you see a plain wooden wheelbarrow that has been transformed into a festive centerpiece. Simply fill the wheelbarrow, or basket of your choice, with greenery from your tree and adorn with a bow. To make the bow, use 2 1/2" wide plaid ribbon and 1 1/2" wide sheer bendable ribbon with wire. Begin by tying the a simple knot with the plaid ribbon around a pencil. Make a bow, as if tying your shoe, and adjust so that loops are the same size. Next, tie sheer bendable ribbon around the plaid ribbon's knot center. Make a bow and adjust loops as you did in the larger bow. Now manipulate bows by gently scrunching and bending into shape to form a full and blossomed look. In our example, we slipped the finished bow onto one of the evergreen sprigs so that it can be easily removed when the holidays have passed.

Stairways & Doorknobs Just about every area of your home has something that can be embellished! Obviously, you don't want to go overboard and drown your family in bows, but simple elegant touches, like a festive bow at the end of your staircase handrail can be a lovely touch. You can add bows to several areas of your home without being overbearing. Follow the same general instructions as in the centerpiece above. Here are a few ideas to get you started:
-- doorknobs -- fireplace mantels -- houseplants -- lamp shades -- above doors -- atop an entryway mirror -- sconces

Handrails, Windowboxes & Doorknobs Tie plaid and solid bows onto stairway handrails and attach to windowboxes. Add smaller, shiny bows to bushes or trees, with or without holiday lights. Again, your doorknob is a great place for a bow, but be sure it is fashioned in a way that won't crush the bow when the door is opened. The best way to do this is to form a "drop bow" by tying the ribbon to the doorknob in a double knot. Then take the remaining two ends and form the bow below the knob rather than right on it. This way the bow hangs below the doorknob and will not be touched by people entering the house. Be careful not to let the bow hang too far down or it may get caught in an open door on windy days.

Door Dress Ups
A popular standby for door decorating is, of course, the grapevine wreath. And yes, you can attach a bow to those too! However, what we have fashioned is a very simple double bow that holds a few different dried twigs and painted eucalyptus.

You will need
-3 yards of 2 1/2" wide shiny gold ribbon
-3 yards of 2 1/2" wide sheer red bendable ribbon with gold accents small bunch of eucalyptus, spray painted gold (can be purchased this way) 
-small bunch of twigs, spray painted white or gold 
-small bunch of red decorative swirling sprays rubber band

Gather all three bunches of twigs, sprays, and eucalyptus and rubber band together at the top. Tie gold ribbon around top of florals, near the rubber band, and knot. Fashion a bow. Wrap ribbon around again and fashion another bow, making a double bow. Repeat with sheer ribbon. Manipulate bows until they form a full blossom, bending sheer ribbon where needed.
With a little imagination, you can transform your house into a festive holiday home that screams "Bake me some cookies!". Have a Happy Holiday Season!

About the Author: 
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