Discount Running Shoes: Finding the Best Running Shoes for you (Cheap)

When you run or jog, the effectiveness of your entire workout depends on your feet. Your shoes support and protect your feet, and your choice of shoe will affect your entire workout.

Here are some tips to make sure you choose the running shoe that's right for you.

The first step in picking the right shoe is figuring out your exact size. Even if you think you know your shoe size, you want to make sure on this important purchase. You'll also need to evaluate the arch of your foot to get the right shoe.

Dip your bare foot into water and then step on a piece of paper on tile, linoleum or any other kind hard surface. This will allow you to see your exact foot imprint, including the size and your arch.

Take a look at the imprint of your foot, paying special attention to the arch. This test will tell you whether you have a relatively flat foot, (if your foot imprint appears on the paper) or a high arch (if just a small portion of one side of your foot shows on the imprint.)

You can also look at your old pair of running shoes, if you've got one, to figure out how your foot hits the ground. Wherever there is consistent wearing down on the sole of your old shoes, you know that this part of your foot hits the round first. Your old shoes can also help you verify your arch. If they tilt to the outside, then you likely have a very high arch.

Once you figure out your arch and how your foot hits the ground, it's time to do some shoe shopping. For the best shoe fitting, you should go to a specialty store that carries athletic shoes. Take an old pair of running shoes with you so the shoe salesperson can get an idea of how you run and where your feet hit the ground.

You can purchase good shoes from a local super-store, but a specialty store salesperson will be better able to help you select the right shoe. When it comes to running, your choice in shoe is very important to your running experience.

Spend the morning being active, and then visit the store in the afternoon. This way your feet will be a bit enlarged like they will be when you're running. Make sure to take along the type of socks that you'd normally wear while running.

Tell the salesperson about what type of ground you'll be running on. There's a big difference between running on concrete and running on dirt trails. You also need to let the salesperson know about the mileage you'll be running on a daily or weekly basis. The wear and tear on your shoe will be taken into consideration when the salesperson selects a shoe, and it also can help you determine your price range. If you're a serious runner you'll need an elite model running shoe. If you're more casual you can probably get by with a low-end shoe.

The salesperson should bring you a few different options for your shoe based on the information you've shared. Try on the shoes and ask if you can sprint around in them for a while. Pay attention to how your feet feel in the shoes. Don't rush through the process and spend at least 10 minutes in your prospective shoes. Once you've made your choice, they are yours to enjoy.

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