Déjà vu

My 14-month-old daughter loves Tigger (though she thinks his name is "Bounce.")  Each morning, as she enters the living room, she embarks on a Bounce Hunt. 

This is my cue to locate Tigger wherever she stuffed him the night before. This morning, when I bent to retrieve the toy, I was struck with a remarkable feeling of déjà vu. 

Lately, I have been experiencing a lot of that. The icy feeling that I have done this all before...that I had seen Tigger lying there among Cassidy's Duplo blocks and Dr. Seuss board books, felt the red flannel pajamas graze my ankles as I bent to pick it up, smelled the canned peaches from breakfast on Cassidy's breath.

Suddenly I knew why I have been experiencing this déjà vu so often. I have done this all before. Yesterday morning. And the morning before. And the morning before. 

Now, I wouldn't trade for the world that sweet smell of peaches, or the morning Bounce Hunt, or the Duplo blocks that always seem to find a way under my bare feet.

But (I'm sure this comes as no news flash to you) full-time mommying can be repetitive. For me, the repetition is strangely exhausting, and sometimes leaves me yearning for some time to myself. 

With all of a mom's daily responsibilities, there's not much time for solitude. I often feel guilty for something as simple and innocent as taking a walk by myself. 

I rationalize the short and sacred times that I spend alone each day by saying that the best moms are happy moms. After all, you can't pump from an empty well. 

Momscape's goal is to help you fill that well, just as it has helped to fill mine. 

Today, find your journal and brainstorm ways to re-ignite your passion. What makes you happy? What activity do you lose yourself in? 

Learn a new skill online, disappear into the pages of a novel, or launch a personal crusade to change the world. 

Whatever the scope of your passion, Momscape wants to help you fan the flames, and to help you be the best mom you can be. 

Please let us know how we can help you do so. 

Susie Michelle Cortright
Momscape Founder and Publisher